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Personal History

Hello, my name is Colton Stoneking. I am an 11 year old 6th grade student at Margaret Bell Middle School in Waynesburg, PA. I have been racing an ATV in two XC series, GNCC & The New East Coast, for the past three years. For the upcoming season, I am looking to find some sponsors to help with my expenses and products to further my success in this sport.

First, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My first year of racing, I raced a Yamaha Raptor 90 in the Beginner class for The New East Coast Series and finished 1st, taking the championship for the season. During my second season, I raced a Yamaha Raptor 125 in the Intermediate ATV Class (90cc-125cc). I finished 2nd in points for the championship for that season, only a difference of one point from the first place finisher. In the GNCC Series, I raced a DRR90 in the ATV 90cc(8-12) class, with a 3rd place season finish. For this past season, I raced a Yamaha Raptor 125 in the Intermediate 125cc (8-12) Class for The New East Coast Series and finished 1st. I also raced my Yamaha Raptor 125 in the 125 Junior Class in the GNCC Series and placed 2nd.

Besides racing, I am involved in multiple sports; baseball, wrestling, & football. I have played baseball since I was 4 years old and have been on the All Star Team every year since I have been eligible. I have also done well in my wrestling career by making it to PA Junior Wrestling States in Harrisburg, PA all five years that I attempted. In 2013, I placed 3rd at States in the 65 (8 & Under) weight class and then placed 6th this past season in the 80 (10 & Under) weight class. Along with my busy schedule, I maintain a 4.0 GPA in my academics. In my spare time I like to play PS3, ride my bike, throw baseball with my dad, swim with my mom, and ride my quads on the track at our house with my older brother and friends. 



Riding Goals

As you can see, I am very dedicated and hard working in every aspect of my life. For the upcoming season, I plan on racing the GNCC series in the ATV 12-15 Super Mini Class.  Being that it will be my first year in the class and that I will be at the younger end of the age span, my goal is to place in the top 5.  I would appreciate it if you could help me in any way with my racing career by providing a sponsorship helping with my expenses or products. You may visit and to view my results. I am also including a Photo Resume with results from my past season. 

Competitive Highlights

GNCC (Top 9 Races) 2015>
2nd Place Finish> ATV 125 Jr.

Round 1 – Wild Boar – 1st
Round 3 – Steele Creek – 2nd
Round 4 – Big Buck – 2nd
Round 8 – John Penton – 2nd
Round 9 – Snow Shoe – 2nd
Round 10 – Unadilla – 2nd
Round 11 – Mt. Ridge – 2nd
Round 12 – Powerline Park – 3rd
Round 13 – Ironman – 3rd              


The New East Coast (Top 9 Races) 2015
1st Place Finish> ATV 125cc 8-12

Round 1- Shoaf – 2nd
Round 2- CJ Raceway – 1st
Round 3 – High Point Raceway– 1st
Round 4 – Terra Alta – 1st
Round 9 – Shoaf -  1st
Round 10 – Scott’s Farm - 1st
Round 11 – Shoaf - 2nd
Round 12 – High Point - 2nd
Round 13 – Brownsville - 1st


The New East Coast (Top 8 Races) 2014
Round 1- Shoaf – 3rd
Round 3 – River’s Raceway– 2nd
Round 5 – Mt. Morris -  3rd
Round 6 – North Hills – 2nd
Round 8 – CJ Raceway  – 4th
Round 10 - Shoaf  – 1st
Round 11 – High Point - 1st
Round 12 - Brownsville – 1st

GNCC (Top 9 Races) 2014
Round 3 – Steele Creek – 5th
Round 4 – Big Buck – 2nd
Round 5 – Limestone – 3rd
Round 7 – Mountianeer Run – 4th
Round 8 – John Penton – 1st
Round 10 – Unadilla – 3rd
Round 11 – Mt. Ridge – 3rd
Round 12 – Powerline Park – 6th
Round 13 – Ironman – 2nd