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Rider Updates

Nov 10 2015

Sorry i haven't written in so long but first off i would like to thank all my Sponsors without them my amazing year would of never happened. I started the year off with a ride at the PHX supercross and shortly after that i moved full time to the 65. I took the Northern Nevada Spring series championship before the last round even ended with many races in between some good some bad but all learning experiences and just wrapped up the Fall series swinging i went 1-1 with holeshots in both motos. i ended up 4th behind some pretty fast riders in the open Class.

Connor #531c 

Jul 16 2015

well enough training time to put it to use, we finally have some races coming up and i cant be more excited. Thanks to all my sponsors for making my life fun!!

Apr 12 2015

Wrapped up the Northern Nevada Spring Series with a 1st overall for the series event  yesterday and what a great feeling to finally win a series and i was able to do it before moving into the Jr. class. 

Thanks to all my sponsors for showing support for me and keeping my bike looking and running good!!

Feb 23 2015

well i have been doing a MRANN desert series to gain confidence and speed before heading over the hill and starting the REP racing series. I had a great first race at Nightingale and hope to improve at the 2nd race on Feburary 28th. 

Jan 13 2015

What a great experience the KTM challange in Phoenix was, it was a long day and it was even better that i got to race such a great track. My family and i left that weekend with a better understanding of what it's like to be a factory rider and the work that is put in to make this event happen. The track was super technical and the whoops were deep. Thanks once again for the support!!!!



Dec 18 2014

Well first off i would like to thank all my sponsors for helping me get where i am today and without your support i would not have the opportunities that i do today. I finally have reached a dream of mine since i did Arenacross a couple years ago, I was chosen to race the KTM Supercross JR. challenge at Phoenix. Wish me luck!!!!

Nov 10 2014

Bring on 2015!!!

I'm moving into the 65cc bikes starting now, my last race on my 50 was a 1-2 for a 1st overall and i'm so excited. i also raced the 65cc class that same day but had a few issues, i stalled it on the gate since we had only practiced on it for 2 days and i ended up 3rd in the first moto The second moto was where it all went wrong i went down 3 times and because i'm to short to reach the ground i was forced to wait until help arrived but i walked away with valuable lessons and will start practicing full time on the 65.

Sep 29 2014

After doing well at the RCH/Livfast night series at exit 28 i was asked to start a instagram page Connor_mx531c

Jul 2 2014

The Reno area took a break for a month from racing but i still got in plenty of practice at Exit 28 it's been in the 100's so they started running practicing later in the day to cool things down. I came up 2 points short of my race goals for the spring series and wont be moving into the junior class until the next SMRA event i ended up 6th overall but learned some valuable lessions that i hope to take to the next level. i have also decided to try for Mammoth next year in hopes of winning a bear! we are heading over the hill to MMX and Estreet for Tuesday and Thursday night practices and  hope to run the night series in August.


Thanks to all my Sponsors for the help i have received getting me to this stage in my Career.


May 5 2014

I had a chance to get enough points to move up into the Junior class but a couple slow starts put me in 6th and 7th overall left me 2 points short for the weekend and with a broken finger i will miss the first round of the Livfast/RCH summer series starting May 18th, This is a no bump series so it puts me in a good position to make up some ground and get back on track for the summer series in the SMRA. 

Thanks to all my sponsors for helping me get to where i'm at and feeling comfortable on my bike!

Apr 14 2014

Well round 4 of the SMRA series didn't go to plan, Moto 1 i got off to a bad start and ended 7th out of 16 but was still excited about gaining ground in Moto 2. Moto 2 i got a bad jump off the gate but caught up quick to mid pack when 2 riders came together off the table top right in front of me, with now where to go and i was sent flying end over end by the time i figured out what had happened i dusted myself off jumped back on my bike and only made it 20 feet before it died we got it restarted and found out the throttle housing was packed with mud ending my day. 2 weeks to go before the double header in Winnemucca i'm still pretty positive i can win the series but i'll need to be on it all weekend!

Mar 3 2014

We finally started racing again and what a great weekend I went 2-2 with a gate of 16 riders for the first SMRA series race at the Fernley Sandbox.

Feb 15 2014

Had a great day of training at the Exit 28 "livfast" Fast Class. It turned out to be a pretty windy day so i was able to focus on starting, and since i was the only 50cc bike in the class i was able to start with the 85cc-450cc bikes and my video shows i was holding my own by the end of the day. I can't wait for the SMRA series to start so i can put it all this together in my Moto's.

Jan 2 2014

2014 is looking like it will be a good year! in the last 3 days i have been able to put in a solid 7 hours of ride time on my bike and i also found out that my riding buddy got an invite to race the KTM challange during the Phoenix Supercross in a couple weeks. 

Thanks to all my Sponsors for keeping my bike Running and looking good! 

Dec 4 2013

The cold weather and the frozen ground are finally hear so the Family and i will start making the trip over the hill to Estreet and MMX near Sacramento to get in some practice and a couple races when the weather allows it. I'm so looking forward to Arenacross in February.

Nov 18 2013

Well, I just competed in my first ArenOcross race over the weekend and had a great time with friends and family. With each practice I gained more confidence. I took an average of 10 seconds per practice off my lap times finishing at just over a minute a lap. I can't wait for the Arenacross to come to Reno in February.