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Rider Updates

Nov 26 2019

The racing season is over. I had a decent year. Was able to finish in the top 10 in the 12-15 85cc class even after missing a few races due to a broken arm. I have been able to get a newer bike, a 2015 KTM 85SX which has made a big difference. It has helped with my confidence and my riding. Over the winter I am going to keep practicing so I can keep improving.

Oct 16 2017

Finally a sign that I am making some progress. In the last 2 weeks I have finished 2nd at the Mega Series Top Gun Showdown, 5th in the 85 9-15D class, this is my first top five this year and 6th in the 85 9-13 class. My confidence if growing and I am realizing that I can ride with some of the faster bikes.

Jul 27 2017

I am about midway throught the season and it has most definately been a learning season. Going from a 4 stroke air cooled to a KX-85 has been a bigger change than I thought. I am pleased that I have been able to run around mid-pack most races and I am currently 6th in points in the 85D class. I have set a goal to finish in the top 5 in points at year end. I do want to thank all of sponsors for your help through the last 2 seasons. It helps saving money on gear and parts so I can enter extra races.

Mar 7 2017

I am getting ready to start a new season. I have moved up to the 85 class this year and am excited to see how I do. My first race is 03/25/17. My dad and I have been working on my bike to make sure it is as ready as we can make it. I want to thank all of the sponsors that I have for making it easier to by gear, parts, etc. I appreciate each and everyone of my sponsors. I will post a picture soon of my bike.

Nov 22 2016

I had my awards banquet this past Sunday. I was able to win the points championship in my class. I am pleased with how my first year of racing has went, but I am looking forward to next year to see how much more I can learn and accomplish. 

I would like to thank all of my sponsors that I have here for all of their help. It helps alot knowing that there are discounts available to help with my racing.

Oct 10 2016

This past weekend I raced in my first AMA Mega Series Race. The race was at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, Tn. I ended finishing in 8th place. This was a great learning experience for me. I was able to learn some new things and I now know the areas that I have to improve on to be more competitive. The whole weekend was a great learning experience.

Sep 30 2016

I'm trying my best to maintain my point lead. Got to keep riding smart. I've got my biggest race of my season coming up. I will be racing at Muddy Creek Raceway in the Top Gun Showdown in a couple of weeks. This will be my first time on this track and first time in a AMA sanctioned race. Can't wait.

Sep 13 2016

I have had a couple of weeks off. I've been able to practice some and my dad's been able to relax a little. I have 5 races left in this season and I am looking forward to see what I can accomplish by the end of the season. I currently have a 2 point lead in my class standings so I am a little excited about this. Hopefully, I can pull it out.

Aug 30 2016

I have been off the last couple of weeks, but am ready to get back after this Saturday. Through my last race, I have actually moved into 1st place in the points in my class and have won my last two races. Looking forward to what's to come.

Aug 8 2016

I was finally able to get my first overall win this past Saturday night. I crashed, bent my bars and tweeked my knee but still crossed the line first. Now I know that I can win and I want more. Thanks to all of my sponsors for their support.

Jun 28 2016

Well, my dad and I spent 3 great days at Muddy Creek Race track watch all of the pros and amatuers race. We met some great people, saw some great racing and we had a wonderful time.

I have a race coming up the Saturday, 07/02 at I-81 motorsports part in Greenville, Tn. We have been off for a few weeks, but I'm hoping to pick up my second win of the season.

Jun 9 2016

Well, I have my next race this Saturday. I have been working hard on my starts and keeping my speed up through the turns this week. Hopefully I can brake the 2nd place trend and pick up my first win. It looks like the weather is going to great unlike last week where it just poured down rain during my second race.

Jun 2 2016

I'm getting ready for my next race coming up this Saturday. Dad took my bike to the shop today to get everything checked out, oil change, etc. I really try my best to take care of my bike so the upkeep isn't so expensive. Went out and practiced on Tuesday. That was my first time on a bike in almost 2 weeks. I definately needed to shake off the cobwebs. Learned somethings and tried some new things.

May 16 2016

Well I got through my second race. The 2nd heat was cancelled due to some of the track lights not working. Had a great night and feeling more comfortable with each practice and race. Looking forward to the next one.

May 9 2016

Well, I had my first race this past Saturday. I got the first heat in in dry weather, then it rained. Being this was my very first race, I really didn't want to see the rain. I managed to keep the bike on 2 wheels and finished with 2nd place overall. I had a great time and met some new friends.

May 6 2016

Well, I have my first ever race tomorrow. I am excited but nervous. I really don't know what to expect. My dad has helped me make sure my bike is ready and we have what we need for the race. I will post results on Monday or Tuesday.