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Rider Updates

Jul 7 2017

rode at the corner track again with my buds.  theres a creek near by so we took a break and played in it with our gear on to cool us off on this hot day.  then back to riding till the sun went down.

Jul 6 2017

had a blast for the 4th camping with friends then we all went to the corner track for some riding.  getting pretty good at this spot. 

Jun 25 2017

first 2 motos were great.  got the holeshots and ended up 2cnd on my 50 and 4th on the 65 in the first motos.  then the first 50 open moto bad things happened.  was off to another holeshot.  then I was passed and the next lap the kid in first crashed on a step up and I couldn't see him.  there were no flaggers in that area and I landed on his bike and went down.  still no flaggers so once I got up to get going I was trying to start my bike and 3rd place came by and landed on my.  knocked me off the track, hurt my head, hand and ankle.  nothing serious but I didn't race the next motos.  I was bummed cause I was doing good and he scratched my new helmet when he hit me.

Jun 24 2017

after mammoth we went camping for a day at the lake.  then drove down to grandmas in ridgecrest.  then raced the so cal mx series race at cal city.  today was practice and it was pretty hot but I was riding great.  cant wait till tomorrow.

Jun 21 2017

second day of racing in mammoth.  day 2 was a little better but still had issues.  I missed the main on my 65 by one position.  I got 17th and they onoy took 16.  went to the lcq and I got first gate pick.  but I crashed off the start.  gave me some motivation tho I came from dead last and got 10th out of 22.  I rode the best today but things happen.  that's racing.  got 19th on the 50 out of 37.  so I still have work to do. 

Jun 20 2017

first day of racing in mammoth in the top 20 in both classes but I didn't make the main on my 65.  pete noticed my front suspension on the 65 wasn't right.  so we had my suspension done that night.  cant wait to try it out in the moring.

Jun 19 2017

got up early and got in line.  practice day in mammoth was a blast.  its probably one of my favorite tracks now.  I need to work on a few things but had a lot of fun.

Jun 18 2017

this is it mammoth is here.  loaded up and made the trip.  such a beautiful little town.  got the bikes out today and did some jetting and riding in the parking lot to tune them in.  cant wait for practice.

Jun 7 2017

sand track again today for some more 20 min motos and starts.  gotta keep puttiing in the work if I want the results.  and back on the indio board for my workouts.

Jun 6 2017

putting in as much work as I can before mammoth.  went to the sand track today and did a few 20min motos and practiced starts.  went home and hit the workouts.  keep grinding for that constant improvement. 

May 30 2017

my dad seen on instagram that jake wiemer was doing a training day at mini night at perris. so we drove down and met up with him.  such a down to earth guy.  we trained until the track crew kicked us off.  such a great time.  did a lot of jumps I wasn't doing and jake got me cornering a lot better. 

May 29 2017

practiced at milestone today with my bud preston. had a great day and we met macadoo and Jeremy martin.  always a good time at the stone.

May 28 2017

went to cal city for the first time.  what a fun track.  some good dirt, jumps and had a blast. 

May 27 2017

went to the pro national today with my bud preston.  man those guys are fast.  I hope to be here one day.

May 22 2017

still doing workouts on my indio board, man it makes a big difference.  I love this thing

May 21 2017

loacal race day at grmx.  some other people showed up for the 65 class and I crashed in one of my 50 classes so I still managed to stay in the top 3 in all my classes today.  such a fun weekend.

May 20 2017

raced at a local track this weekend.  had a great weekend I ended up winning all my classes. cant wait till tomorrow.

May 17 2017

doing some workouts at he house each day.  I got a indio balance board and a medicine ball.  I balance and do squats, push ups, leg ups, planks, lunges, some kettle bell work.  

May 11 2017

rode behind our house.  there is a little track that has some good corners and whoops uphill.  another fun day.

May 10 2017

went to the corner track today and laid down some heaters.  starting to get rough which is good.  I need ruts in my life.

May 9 2017

rode at a different local spot today.  its a lil track in the hills that has a killer whoop section.  learing how to position my body and grip with my knees. 

May 2 2017

we camped the night and practiced again  at milestone.  its awesome to be able to ride these tracks.  my dad needs to move us here so I can ride everyday.  eeeek

May 1 2017

stopped at milestone on the way home and hit the open practice day.  such a blast I met adam cincurulo and tyler bowers.  some awesome guys, man they are fast.  I got a few jumps down that I havnt done yet so it was a great day.

Apr 30 2017

we camped and race pala again for the mammoth lcq.  I finally made it and are going to mammoth.  I cant wait.

Apr 29 2017

came down to pala for the llaq.  it was a long trip through the night just to make it.  so I am a little tired today.  and it showed, wasn't the best day for me.  I managed a top 15 was the best and that just isn't gonna cut it for lorettas.  hope next year goes better.

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