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Rider Updates

Apr 29 2013

Starvation Ridge course was great except for the dust!!  Felt really good for long's just getting easier....the workouts and the riding are paying off!!  2nd place and my first long course trophy!!

Apr 27 2013

April 25th Hannegan practice was awesome!  Nice to get out and do some MX!!  Except for the part where I lost my axle nut!  Dad got it it fixed and we packed up to head to Starvation Ridge for Sunday's race!

Apr 21 2013

Story of the month....Rain, rain, rain!!  Hannegan has cancelled 3 in a row now!!  Just been practicing at home...hopefully some moto practice this Thursday!!

Apr 21 2013

Seattle SX was awesome!!

Apr 8 2013

Ironman Poker run and Desert 100!!  What a race!  Not sure where I finished and didn't get the best start but I think I did pretty well.  Poker run was really dusty but the rain overnight made for good conditions for the 100!!  New pics soon!!

Mar 20 2013

Big weekend coming up!!  Dual race my new decals from decal works going on the bike this week.  New tires and some other new extras and we are ready to go!!  Season is here!!

Mar 11 2013

What a brutal race.....but that's Horn Rapids!!  My first long course race....I was doing pretty good but need to be training more as the last hour got really tough.  Especially when I found out I lost my tag for scoring!!  I will have to wait and see if I get a DNF or they score me!!  Kind of a bummer!!

Mar 8 2013

Bikes all loaded up!!  Heading for a little practice tomorrow at Horn Rapids ORV park in Richland, WA!  Then the first Team Tortoise Mega Crown race of the year on Sunday.  Can't wait!

Feb 28 2013

Whew!! Urban Assault ride with Stumpjumpers!!  Gnarly!  Latest pics posted.....good practice..getting in shape for the season!!

Feb 16 2013

It's a riding weekend!!  First race of the year next weekend so got to get ready!!

Feb 14 2013

Didn't want to forget Matrix Concepts!!  New stuff on the way from them too!!  Thank you!!

Feb 11 2013

Ordered New parts and gear from my sponsors!!  New ASV levers coming as well as some awesome Smith goggles on the way!!  Thank you!!  All signed up for the 200B class this year...I'm starting to see another championship on the way!!

Feb 10 2013

Awesome rides both Saturday and Sunday!!  It's feels great to get out and get some good training in!!  Can't wait for next weekend!!  Getting ready for Assault 6 hour team race on the 24th!!  It's going to be a blast!

Jan 13 2013

Attended the banquet last night!  A good night for my champions plaque, coat, and NMA shirt!!  Now time to get ready to do it again this year!

Jan 1 2013

Finally went riding a couple days ago!!  Dad and I decided to skip events due to cost and getting ready and in shape for the upcoming 2013 season.  Chistmas and New Year's have been busy but looking forward to getting going right after we attend the NMA awards banquet!  Getting my new graphics set up drom Decal Works and getting the bike looking good for 2013!! Happy New Year!!

Dec 21 2012

And another YouTube vid!!

Dec 21 2012

Just found this on YouTube!  This trail is gnarly!



Dec 17 2012

O.k....enough is enough!  No riding again this weekend!!  Next week for sure.....Christmas break and Dad has the week off too!!

Dec 8 2012

Dang!  No ArenaX this weekend!!  Bike not ready......:(  Dad says we'll hit it up after Christmas!

Dec 4 2012

Arenacross sounds fun this weekend!!  Bugging Dad to get the bike back together!!

Dec 1 2012

December!!  Western Washington is rain country! Not stopping me though....just out riding my bicycle and working on getting in shape!!  Besides my KTM is all tore apart for maintenance still so I have to do something if I can't ride!!  Next weekends hare scramble is looking like a possibility....we'll see how the weather looks and whether or not my Dad gets my bike ready to go!!  Wanting to ride!  Haven't ridden since the last race at Riverdale MX!

Nov 25 2012

Thanksgiving weekend!!  Just tons of maintenance on the bike.  New air filter, rear brake lever, shock and swingarm bearings, brake pads, tires, etc.  Got to get ready as the schedule is filling up!!

Nov 22 2012

Corey competed in the NMA season attending all races in the 200C category.  Corey received top NMA points in the last 7 races to clinch the championship 1 race early.  He also won the last event moving from 4th to 2nd for the Team Tortoise Mega Crown!!

Nov 4 2012

Last NMA race at Riverdale yesterday!!  A little muddy for sure but it was fun!  Not the greatest start but rode steady.  Dad was giving me signs and I put the hammer down last lap and passed the leader and took 1st!!

Jun 5 2012

Dang!!  Not a good race at Golden Spike!!  Lots of pavement and it rained!!  I was fast but to many mistakes....passed my competition like 4 times only to crash at the end in the woods and give it away.  I'll get them next race!

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