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Rider Updates

May 7 2012

Another Hannegan poker run and MX practice!  Riding is good. Feeling good on the bike.

Apr 25 2012

Hannegan Poker run and MX practice. Always a great time with Mt. Baker Motorsports providing lunch!  Just a great training day.

Apr 3 2012

Desert 100 weekend!  Poker Run was huge fun!!  Have to do that again next year for sure.  Desert 100 was crazy.....2nd 50 miles was hard!  Hands all cramped.  1st 50 was good except for jam ups...lost some time there.  This was my first 100 and I learned alot....We'll be back next year and apply what we learned for better result.  Goal this year was to finish and my Dad and I did that.  We rode together 2nd 50 miles.

Mar 27 2012

The Frostbite and White Knuckle weekend in Odessa, WA.  Good times and great races!  finished 3rd NMA on Saturday.  Rode good but didn't charge as hard as I should have.  EnduroX section was great..couple tipovers.  On sunday went in with a plan and quickly moved into 2nd place.  On the 1st lap I took the lead and never looked back!  Dad was there with the pitboard and I cruised but kept a good pace.  EnduroX was awesome...picked my way through the lappers and won my first race ever!!

Feb 18 2012

Great 1st race of the year!  I rode good but definitely need to be riding more than I have been...dang winter months!!  Had a couple crash's but nothing bad.  The sand and whoops at Horn Rapids can be grueling for sure.

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