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With violence in Congo and other countries of eastern Africa, including Rwanda, tourists often need specialized entry requirements to enter the nation. Many of these requirements depend on if you are going into the nation by air or by land. There are also special considerations for people traveling from Canada or the United States to Rwanda and also for U.S. citizens who wish to visit Kigali (the town really spelled at the Kigali language). These are some of the considerations that you will need to make until you board a plane to this historically and culturally rich nation.

First, assess your current passport standing. It's not likely you will need an international passport to go to Rwanda, however it's likely that you might need one. You need to consult the embassy in your home state to see if they'll issue a passport for this purpose and also to see what paperwork you will have to complete and send to your intended destination. If your passport expires within the ninety-day period ahead of your departure, you'll be required to find an international passport from the government of your initial country in order to get entry into Rwanda.

Second, confirm that your passport is really valid for entry into Rwanda. International travel is generally required of all tourists to confirm their passport was last stamped before leaving their first nation of source. However, in case your original visa expires while you are in Africa, then you will need to apply for a visa at the port of entry and then wait for it to expire before traveling on to some other nation. A visa, of course, is not vital to keep in Rwanda, but most people do have to apply for you since it is a very heavy tourist country with many limitations and strict rules.

The next step is to Test with the Rwanda International Airport. This airport is located in Gisozi, near town of Gisozi. You can find flights from several major international airports to Rwanda and economical flights to Gisozi can be discovered through African American airlines like GO Air. It is possible to check with the airlines to find out which program to anticipate and how many passengers they will be carrying throughout your flight. Once you arrive in Rwanda, you will have to complete visa paperwork which could be done at the immigration office in any of the many foreign airports or in the airport .

The final step is to organize your flight and then the remainder will be easy. The airport at Gisozi is the capital of Rwanda and provides several comfortable hotels near by the airport that can be your lodging when traveling to Rwanda. There are quite a few foreign banks in Gisozi that offer quick visa processes and some have 24 hour service. Some even provide online applications. They will ordinarily request you to supply your social security number and verify that you are an eligible global student. The cost of the visa fee will vary based on the duration of stay, however you can usually find reasonable payment choices when it comes to the application procedure.

Your visa might need to be returned if you return to Kigali. There are many international banks in Kigali which give the same services for global tourists. This is due to the fact that Congolese students earn part time jobs or perform part-time schooling in Kigali and need the funds to maintain them while they attend school. There's a bus service to Gisozi when you access into the city and you will find taxis and rickshaws that will get you almost anywhere in Kigali. Should you travel by yourself, it would be sensible to carry traveler's checks and other important documents in order to prevent being denied entry.