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Personal History

I’m 20 years old. Been racing since I was 11. Started out on 65’s, then 2 years later went to a Honda 150r. Raced that for 1 year and then January 1st 2013, I broke my leg in 3 different spots. Doctors said it was the worst leg break they have seen. Was in a wheel chair for 8 months and then a boot for 5 kore months. Finally got the okay to ride again and raced the 150 for another year. Then In 2015 I moved up to a yz250. Last month I bought a 2013 Suzuki RMZ 250. Family just bought some land and last month I build a turn track. A few days ago I built a few doubles, 2 tables and set of whoops. Go out there every day to train. 

Riding Goals

My riding goals for the next year is to get to b class. Currently I am in c class. My goal is to get top 10 in b class at mini o’s in 2 years or less. 

Competitive Highlights

Currently I race in a class above where I should be. I push myself to keep up with them which in the long run will make my skill level higher.