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Personal History

My name is is Corey Wettstein, and i started riding when i was 5 years old and just started racing this year. I like jumping on the trampoline, snowboarding and wake boarding.I have been exited to get into racing this year and things are starting out pretty well for me.I like waching the pros on tv and going to wach the pros race.I am an A, B student i would like to keep it that way, It will if i want to race.

Riding Goals

I would like to go to washougle washington's amature races along with panco city but thats a little later down the road i also want to win the weastern idaho motocross series in my class and that looks pretty good this year so far.

Competitive Highlights

I went to whashougal amature days and it was the first moto for the supermini class on the first lap out of 4 and i crashed in the corner right before horse power hill.I couldent get my bike started and 1-10 where coming off the big drop off and  finale my bike started and i had just barley got the supermini a week before i went from 43 dead last to 25. I also raced at the gem county arenacross put on by cole seibler it was a great event and  i hit nuttruel off the start and went fom last to 3rd i tried to get first in the last coner but it dident work it was a close race