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Personal History

Some of my personal history about me is that I used to race BMX for the past 5 years and accomplished many goals of mine. For example one goal I accomplished was 2012 state champion. My motorcross personal history is that I've rode dirt bikes sense I was 3 years old and it's always been my biggest love in life, I have always had the dream of racing dirt bikes and going far in it but I've never had the support from my family based on past injuries in motorcross but finally now that I am 18 my parents are letting me do what I love and I have never enjoyed dirt biking more then i do now. I started racing late January and have only raced 5 races. I raced 4 out of the 5 gold cup series. I took home two first places a second and a 4th. I ended up with second overall in the series. I know I could have gotten first but unfortunately I missed the first race of the series so I lost valuable points there. Also I have raced the first race of the transworld muscle milk series and I didn't do to good thanks to some minor mistakes that cost me a lot. Went from having a 12 second lead to being 6th not my best race but i learned from it and I'm ready to move on and hopefully win the next race. 

Riding Goals

My riding goals is to get to the top and be the best rider I can possibly be. I believe in my riding skills enough that I know I can make it as far as I want but I'm just not sure if I have the financial support to do it. Even if I don't have all the support I want I am still very grateful and happy with everything I do in motorcross and can't thank my parents enough for everything they do for me. 

Competitive Highlights

Considering I have only been racing for a little over two months I don't have many competitive highlights but I have one and that is being second in the California gold cup series.