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Personal History

Crewe is 12 years old and lives in Windsor CO.  Crewe is a registered member of the Oglala Sioux tribe in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota. His love for ridging started on the Great Sioux Nation on our little homemade track. He started riding at the age of 4 on a 2007 Yamaha TTR50 and literally ran the tires off that beast. He moved on to Yamaha PW80 that lived its life at a livestock sale barn; that cat had more than 9 lives.  He has road Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Kawasaki and Gas Gas; he loves each of the manufacturer’s rides.  He currently is racing a 2010 KTM SX 65 and a 2015 Honda CRF150R.  Crewe began racing in 2020 with 4 races--AMA Kicker Arenacross in Loveland, SuperCross at the Central States Fair and 4GMX Arenacross. He was hooked and he entered 2021 with a "send it" moto and dedicated the year to racing.  Crewe spent every free minute on his bikes practicing on our track or he was watching hundreds of hours of Mx training videos on Youtube.  Crewe is dedicated to the Mx sport and has the drive to make the Pros.
This kid is fast, funny and a great person.  Huge personality and a huge heart to match.
Send It!!!!

Riding Goals

Seek Professional MX Rider Training

85CC 2022 Tri-State Series Top 3

85CC 2022 4GMX Series Top 3

Competitive Highlights

2021Tri State Series 65CC Series Champion

2021Tri State Series 85CC Series 2nd Place

2022 4GMX Series 85CC Series Champion

2022 4GMX Series 65CC Series 3rd Place