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Personal History

Hi, my name is Cutter Dawson Cross, and I am 8 years old.
   I began riding in January 2013 on a PW50 jr, that was purchased for my birthday. For fun, and to let me get used to riding, my mom, and dad took me to the local track, TMX, where my dad worked as a medic, and rode his bike for fun. Within 3-4 weeks my parents thought I showed enough potential that I was moved up to a KTM 50 pro senior.  Winning my first race out at TMX, and the desire I showed to ride, they decided to enter me into the Oklahoma state championship series. I was excited about getting to go.  Knowing there would be experienced riders there, they mainly took me to get time on the seat, and to experience different tracks, and track conditions.  As expected, the first couple of races I finished at the bottom of my class, along with being lapped by a few of the much faster kids racing. It was a little scary, but I had fun. By the 4th OSCS race, I had gotten more comfortable riding my bike, and started doing a lot better. I wasn't getting lapped anymore, and finished 6th out of 19 entries.
During this time, I also attended the FCA MX camp held at Robbie Reynards. I learned a lot about riding form, and how to approach, and go through corners. It was a blast, and I knocked 20seconds off my lap times. I started loving racing so much, I was asking my parents when I got to race again daily. So I was entered into the AMXA Sooner series, and TMX "Pin it to win it" series. I was pretty much racing every weekend, and practicing at TMX on Tuesdays.

Other than racing....I love going mountain bike riding with my dad, camping, fishing, skate boarding, jumping on my trampoline, swimming, and playing with my friends.

Riding Goals

My goals for this year, are to finish strong, and maintain my positions for the OSCS 50cc 7-8, and 50cc open classes. As well as the AMXA sooner series. 
To finish in the top 5 of Texas Winter series.
To finish strong in a few of the AMA national championships I will be attending next year.
To finish in the top 2 of the OSCS next year.
And work really hard to earn a ticket to Loretta's next year.
I will also be riding in the 65cc beginner class next year so, my goal this year, is to practices a lot on it, so that I am well prepared for next year's racing season.

Competitive Highlights

My first year racing, I finished 1st in two classes at the TMX "pin it to win it" series.

I finished 1st and 4th in the AMXA Sooner series, and I finished 6th and 7th in the Oklahoma state championship series.
I placed 2nd at the South Central area qualifier.
I have gained confidence doing jumps, and going through the woop sections.
I have also learned, not to give up when I make a mistake and go down. I get up, and try to finish as strong as I can!
This year, I am holding the 3rd, and 4th positions in the OSCS, and 1st and 3rd in the AMXA Sooner series