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Rider Updates

Oct 2 2015

I have had a great season this year, placing in the top 5 of all series races I've raced in. Thank you to all who support me!

MXSPONSOR has been a great tool for me and I appreciate being able to be a part of everything they have to offer however,  I will not be renewing my membership this year therfore, I can not view any new contracts offered.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Thank you again
Cutter Cross

Nov 20 2014

Leaving today to head to minios this weekend!!! Want to give a special thank you to Answer Racing, Twin Air, Dunlop, Scorpion Helmets, Gearne Boots,SPY , Renthal, Torc1 racing, Hotshotmx, Matrix concepts, and Munn Racing for the opportunity to be part of their team! Hoping that my Answer gear will make it here before I leave. also thank you MXSPONSOR for introducing me to many of these companies!

Oct 9 2014

I've been getting a good amount of ride time on my 65 this past couple of weeks. Not as much as I would like to, but school has me busy as well. Looking foward to this weekend at Bar2Bar in Kansas. 

Sep 10 2014

Major struggles with my bike this past weekend hindered my performance. My dad, and a good friend did everything they could to just make it through race day, so that I could finish with points. Blew barrings every time I went out, and the clutch just wouldn't cooperate. I did all I could to position the best I could, with the throttle wide open, but bike had no go...needless to say I finished 9th over all in both classes, and unfortunitely lost my point standings for the series. On the positive side, I'm still in the top 5, and I know I did all I could without giving up. :)

Sep 5 2014

Good morning! 

Ready for school, but quick thank you to Matrix for getting my mat, umbrella, and mud scrapper to me, they are awesome! After school I'll be headed to the final round of the OSCS. Hope everyone has a great race weekend! 

Sep 2 2014

Received my new OMEN SPY goggles today...they are awesome, and I really love the happy lens. Can't wait to show them off at the OSCS race this weekend! Thank you SPY optics for your support!

Aug 30 2014

Good day of practice today, followed by a fun night of racing under the lights at Jandebuer's.  With the help of Munn racing, my dad has my bike running awesome, and I'm feeling confident for the AMXA Sooner series race tomorrow. Only wish, I was able to wear my new boots from Gaerne, and goggles from SPY...but I know they are doing there best to get them to me. Hope everyone out there racing this weekend has a safe, and awesome time! 

Aug 29 2014

Looking foward to the Sooner series race this weekend. 

Aug 24 2014

Texas AMA Championship Series district 41

Aug 17 2014

AMXA Sooner series 

Aug 10 2014

AMXA Sooner Series

Aug 2 2014

Rode at Jandebuer's in Okmulgee today. Practiced starts, and charging corners. It was a good day!