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Rider Updates

Feb 24 2016

Finished my first ever Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association Off Road series race. I did the Kirlkland Creek Hare Scramble and finished 6th in the Youth open C.

Jul 12 2015

Second race of the year and it felt good finish the race in 1st place. Started 5 minutes behind the men's c event and passed all but 6 of them before the end of the race.

Jun 9 2015

First race in a year after recovering from a broken leg last summer and then a broken collar bone this spring. Raced in the supermini in the Montana X-country series it felt good to be back racing. Lead the race for the first 4 laps then back brakes siezed but ended up in 4th place overall.

Oct 16 2014

Finally after breaking my leg on July 25th playing in soccer in the Alberta games my cast came off. This caused me to miss the majority of the off road season but I am back riding now and my leg is feeling stronger everyday. I am just hoping the 2015 season will be better than this season.

Jun 16 2014

Hare Scramble in the Procupine Hills was riding in first place when my back tire blew out and the rain and hail start to pour down. Tried to finish loop but it was to just to slick with a flat back tire. Had to pack it in at 12km mark very disappointing.

May 14 2014

Just finished the first Hare Scramble of the season and it was a mud pit. There was 5 inches of snow in the morning that delayed the start of the race by 4 hours. Once the race started all the snow had melted and turn the ground to mud and big puddles of water. My bike most have weight 150 pounds by the end of the race.