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Personal History

I am 8 years old just starting my first year of motocross racing. My two younger brothers, father and step father all race, too! It makes for a really exciting and fast paced race day. You can always find one of us out on the track any day of the week! We all live in Fairbanks/North Pole, Alaska and greatly look forward to the great riding season that Alaska has to offer - it never gets dark in the summer time! In the winter time I still ride my bike - myself, father and step father all have timbersled kits for our bikes!  I have also played hockey for the last 4 years in the wintertime.

Riding Goals

This is my first year racing motocross and the second year riding dirt bikes. My goal for this year is to place higher in the 65 Novice class races, learn to be more comfortable taking corners and to keep up with taking doubles!

Competitive Highlights

The first races that I competed in I rode a KTM 50. I placed third (out of 15) in my very first race. The next two races were State races in which I placed first for all moto's and won the hole shot for all of them as well! I earned about 150 fly bucks and was able to buy a new helmet of my choice! After those three races I upgraded to a KTM65SX because the 50 was a tad small. I competed in the second city race one day after receiving my 65, and the second day I had ever used a clutch. I ended up placing 4th at my first 65cc race and didn't stall it once. The next weekend was city race #3 and I placed 4th, again. This time I closed the gap between us considerably and gained a lot of confidence. 

While practicing at the track I recently learned how to clear a double and take jumps significantly better. I always jump at the opportunity to go to the track, and haven't missed a day out there in almost two weeks!