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Personal History

Well, im an only child, i have 3 dogs, there all rottweilers! :) there like, a little family haha like i have an old Boy rottie named tuff, he is a dad, i have a younger girl dog named baby she is the mom, and i have my like best friend Junior, he is the puppy :) he is my buddy, he goes everywhere with me, um ive never in my life smoked, drank, did drugs or any of that stupid stuff, my parents did... but now its just my dad that drinks ha :/ umm i play football, been doing that for a couple years i started on the jv team this year and dressed varsit, as a sophomore! i played the position tight end i play for sky view high school but we took a loss to mountain crest that put us out.. ha umm ive been racing for a way long time, haha my very first race on a jr 50 i got my butt handed to me and never wanted to race again... but my dad ended up talking me in to doing it again, and now its my most favorite thing to do :) um i love to ride snowmobiles, my favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys!! :) always has been win or lose, i hate people that change there favorite teams to the winning teams... bugs me!! Same with the LA. Lakers, i love them win or lose... even though theye been kicking butt! :) :) ummm i really liked the rider travis pastrana when i rode a suzuki back when i was like 10 :) haha and i was number 199 and all that funky stuff :) but, i ended up getting my real number! :) 187, i thought it was pretty cool, but i guess it means murder? haha but i want it to mean Dalton Auger! :) haha ummm i love to text in free time, hang with friends, stuff like that, and thats pretty much it! :)

Riding Goals

um winning! trying my best! haha and at the first of the season dont get all waaay tired in the first race! ive been working out every day with a trainer guy and thats good :) gotta do it!

Competitive Highlights

hmm im not sure what you mean? haha i member when i first raced my yz250 bike i wheelied over my first race!! :/ that would have been a high light! :)