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Personal History

My name is Dalton Hampton, I am 14 yrs old. I will be a freshmen this year. I am a good student and have a 3.8 gpa. I live on an acreage outside of Cedar Falls, Iowa. My parents built a small track in our back field for me to ride. I have one brother he is 23yrs old. This year I was able to start racing against him in the 14/24 and 250c class. My Dad takes me riding every Sunday. We enjoy traveling as a family to all the races within our area. 

Riding Goals

My goals for riding is to continue to get better and faster. I strive to be a friend to everyone I meet at the track, and try to offer help and encouragement to others when I see they are new to the sport. I attend camps often to sharpen my skills. 

Competitive Highlights

This year I qualified for the Loretta Lynn regional at Millville MN in two classes 125 and Schoolboy1. I am also riding the Iowa Moto series and currently am in 2nd place in 125, 2nd place in Schoolboy and 3rd in 14/24.