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Personal History

I work supporting cabin system on aircraft. When I'm not doing that or working on my MBA, I ride as much as possible. I quit Motocross after i started racking up too many broken bones and tried out Harescramble and Enduro for the first time in 2014. It's a "little" different from what I'm used to, but I'm definitely hooked.

I bought a 2013 WR450 in 2013 as just a fun bike and wasn't planning on getting into racing. I tried my first harescramble in 2014 and really enjoyed it. After the season, i realized it was way too much bike and bought a 2014 Husaberg TE250. So far i'm really enjoying being a bit more competitive on a 2-stroke.

At this point, however, I'm more concerned with having fun than winning so when i start finishing towards the front in B i'll bump myself to A next season and ride Open A for half the season and then go to the Vet A for the remainder of the season.


Riding Goals

Have fun, get better at woods riding and stay healthy. 

Competitive Highlights

No highlights in the offroad world, just learning a little more every race. Here's some of my OLD MX/Hillclimb results so this isn't Completely empty:

1997 - AMA Amateur National Champion - Hillclimb
1998 - AMA 5th Place in the Nation - Hillclimb
1999 - AMA 2nd Place in the Nation - Hillclimb
2002 - 125 Jr. 2nd Place in the state championships
2003 - 1st Place Midwest regional qualifier - LL - 125B
2003 - Injured for remainder of season -----------------
2003/4 - Waterman Indoor Champion - 125 Intermediate (B)
2004 - 2nd Place Rockford Regional Arenacross
2004 - 5th Place Springfield Regional Arenacross (injured)
2004-2007 - Joined the military so i wasn't able to ride until i got to my final duty station
2007 - Little Okie Fall Champion - 250B
2008 - LACR - A Day in the Dirt GP - 4th - 250B
2009 - Big crash on the KTM and quit riding all together until 2013

2014 - 13th in Open B (Harescramble). (6 out of 12 races competed (2 Throwouts)).
2014 - 5th in Open B (Enduro). (2 out of 5 races completed (1 Throwout)).