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Personal History

Hi, my name is Daniel Michael Balzano

I am 21 years old and I'm a high school graduate and college graduate.  I love family/friends and motocross racing. I will start my 16th year of racing March of 2023 at NESC, MSC, NCSC, NEMX and attend a few National races this year. I plan on practicing as much as possible during the winter down time to improve my skills and hopefully win the series this coming year. I would like to use and promote your products during my race season. So please join me in my 2022 race season and we can take the checkered flag together. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope I can count on you for a 2022 sponsorship. I'll be racing 250B and Open B

Riding Goals

My goal this year is to run to 250b. But if that doesn’t go to plan run 250 b throughout the 2022 season and finish a top-five

Competitive Highlights

5 years ago was my most competitive year ever we suffered 3 major breakdowns and lost 90 point early in the season so we had to win every moto for the rest of the season to get the championship only to loose it by 4 points in the season final race. If we didn't break an axle and a chain and a clutch spring we would have had the over all win. But we came back very strong in 2011 where we won the overall championship in the 50 cc class.

We have since moved on to the 70cc and 90 cc classes where we are currently in 2nd place in both classes. Our goal was to finish in the top 5 for our first year in these classes so I guess we are on our way

Skills and Training:  Competitive at the youth Level in 70cc and 90cc classes ATV Motocross, and Flat Track Racing . History of finishes,7th overall for the season out of 14 riders in my class at NEATV by my 3rd year I had the championship. I train at least 3 times a week in the summer and as many time as I can at our local track during the winter months. I exercise with my dad to train and prepare for the race season. I have the full support of my entire family and we race every weekend possible in two different districts. Hopefully I will make it to the Nationals someday.  We have a very competitive local series (NEATV-MX) that has the attendance of many national riders as well as Pro and Pro-Am riders at nearly every race.