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Personal History

I raced my first race in june of 09 on a kx65. In july of 09 I started on an rm85 beg. Now it's march of 2010 and I am racing well in 85 juniors. I'm gonna win it all!

Riding Goals

My goals for this year are to get to nationals!  I have qualified for the regional lorreta lynn qualifier I plan on making it to the big show in Tennesee. I will be in top 8 for ponca city. My goals are high but I'm on my way. I will also be working on local series and getting some wins there as well.

Competitive Highlights

In 9 months of riding with no prior expirience I am now a junior rider. I'm not even dead last. My highlight is the hole shot at washougal in my second ever race. I will make myself some more highlights this season. Check back often.