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Rider Updates

Oct 24 2009

Friday noght was our final race of the season and a time of celebration. Daniel recieved his series trophies for Schoolboy (first) and 250 Novice (second). The 250 novice series was very close and came down to the last moto. In the end he finished second overall and one point behind for the series. This year was exciting and filled with fun. We made new friends and enjoyed the tough competition through out the spring, summer and fall months. We would like to thank all our sponsors and this site for making our 2009 season a huge success.

Apr 25 2009


Daniels racing season started April 17 after the weekend before was rained out. After having one season under his belt on the 250, he was excitied to start racing again. It was a nice warm Friday night and there was a good turn out. Sac Raceway always starts the season with a new track which no one is allowed to practice on before the season starts. After the first motos, Daniel had 5th in 250 novice and a 4th in schoolboy. When the second motos where finished he had a 1st in 250 novice for 3rd overall and was taken out in the schoolboy class. Daniel had a great time and was happy with the results. We would like to thank all our sponsors that help us with great parts so we are ready for the new season. 

Oct 5 2008

In the weeks leading up to the Dodge Nationals Daniel was practicing as much as possible.He rode Hangtown three times and at E-Street twice the week before and was ready to do battle. When he woke up Monday he had come down with the flu. We went Tuesday to sign-up and practice, but he was feeling to sick to practice. His first race wasn’t until Thursday, so we hoped he would be feeling a little better by then. Thursday morning came with wake up at 6:00 AM. He still had a fever, but wanted to race anyway. Since he didn’t practice, he had the last gate pick. When the gate dropped he was about mid pack through the first turn and passed a few riders and finished 14th. After the race he was throwing up and not feeling very well. I was impressed that he even finished the race, so 14th was great. Friday was moto 2 with a better gate pick, but he wasn’t feeling much better. When the gate dropped he was 6th through the first turn and held on for 9th. Sunday morning came for moto 3 and Daniel was starting to feel better. As the gate dropped he got the Holeshot !!!!! Because of what happened the days before, he paced himself early to make sure he would be able to finish. After 3 laps he picked up the pace and finished 6th for an 8th overall. All in all we had a great time and look forward to next year.

Jul 21 2008

Danny finished the Sac Raceway Spring Series last friday night. At the beginning of the season we didn't know what to expect since Danny was moving up to a 250. He won the schoolboy beginner class with six first place overalls and only lost one moto because he left with the wrong gate and had to go back to the start after the race started. Danny finished second overall in the lites begginer class. He was the youngest rider in that class.There were some ups and downs through out the series, but mostly up. He has far exceeded what I thought might happen. Danny has been having alot of fun racing and making new friends. We are thankful to all our sponsors who help make racing possible.

Jun 1 2008

It has been six weeks now since the racing season started. Daniel has had 6 races now on the new bike and is having a blast. He has four first place overalls and two fifth place finishes. He has had two rough motos where he was taken out in the first turn and someone crashed in front of him, but he really has taken to the bigger bike well and is a very smooth rider. He is looking forward to the start of the E-street summer series this Saturday night.

Apr 25 2008

Friday night was the beginning of Daniel's racing season. He has worked very hard making the transition from an 85 to a 250. He has been gaining a lot speed lately in practice, so he had high hopes for the beginning of the season. When the gate dropped for the first moto he had the holeshot and went wire to wire for the win. By the end of the night he had two class 1st overall trophies and had three moto wins and a third. He was very excited and pleased with the results.

Apr 2 2008

Danny is loving the 250. He has been riding three times a week and having a great time on the new bike. He has been riding Hangtown, E-Street, Riverfront and Mammoth Bar. I can't believe how fast he has become on the 250. I didn't think he would be this fast so quickly. I thought he would need a least a year to get up to speed. Boy, was I wrong! He is as fast as the top five local novice riders in practice and then tells me he's not riding as fast as he can. We are looking forward to the beginning of the racing season

Feb 18 2008

It's been awhile since the last update, so here we go. Danny has been riding as much as possible. Mostly Hangtown and the local OHV part. He is doing really well on the new bike and showing fast improvement. Two weeks ago, I spent some time setting up the suspension for Danny's weight. I would like to thank the people at Racetech for helping us out. The new suspension is a vast improvement from stock. We have also installed Driven handlebars and grips, Ready airfilter and oil filter kit. I would like to thank all our sponsors who help us race. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

Nov 29 2007

It was a Monday morning that had finally come. Danny was waiting for this moment for almost a year. We loaded up the trailer and headed for our local Honda dealer. We traded our trusty cr85 for a new crf250r. Danny was so excited, he could hardly wait to ride it. He rode a couple of times at the local field and Friday we went to the local OHV park to give it a try on the track. I thought it would take a while for Danny to get used to it, but by the end of the day, he was faster than he was on his 85. There were smiles all around. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone that has helped us out this year. Thanks !!!!

Oct 6 2007

Today was the final moto for the Dodge Nationals. Danny's moto #3 was first thing this morning at 7:30am. This was the first time racing a national event and was a great learning experience. This race was a big challenge for Danny having just started back riding from a broken collar bone and racing against the best riders on the west coast. He had a great time and was getting faster each day of racing. He is already talking about doing this race again next year. Danny showed good early speed, but was not quite back in shape for these long motos. A great time was had by all and Danny had fun and was pleased with his results. We would like to thank all our sponsors and family who helped Danny get this far.

Sep 14 2007

Friday night was Danny's first race since his broken collar bone. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was just great to be back at the track. The first moto he got a good start and rode safely to a 5 place finish. We were all excited and pleased with the result considering he had not raced for about seven weeks. Then came the second moto. At the drop of the gate he was off. To all our suprise, he got the holeshot! He rode great and pulled off the win with room to spare. There was euphoria in the Mitchell pit. We were all extremely excited and Danny was very happy too. We would also like to thank our new sponsor, Driven Racing for the great handlebars and grips. After the crash, our old bars were bent pretty bad.

Sep 4 2007

Well it's been 4 weeks since the injury and Monday was the first day back on the bike. It's been hard to keep him down. After 2 weeks he was riding and jumping his bicycle and riding the skate board ramp. We are now using the Leatt neck brace as added safty gear. Daniel is looking forward to racing again next week. If all goes well, he would like to race the Nationals at Hangtown in October.

Aug 8 2007

Danny was practicing at Riverfront last night and had huge off. The result was his first broken bone of his riding career. His biggest concern was that his birthday is approaching and he would not be able to do his rafting trip that was planned and going to Marine World on Monday. So far he is doing well, not much pain today. He is already talking about riding again. I will keep you posted on his progress.

Jul 13 2007

Well it has been an up and down beginning to the season. We have finally fixed some bike problems and are now running up front again. Danny has made alot of progress and is having alot of fun. Last night (7/13/07) he had his first moto win in the novice class after comming close before. We have been racing every weekend and practicing every week too. Hope to post some new pictures soon.

Apr 1 2007

Racing season starts April 13 for Daniel. He has been practicing at E-street to get ready for his second season of racing. He has a new sponsorship from M2R and is excited to race sporting the new gear and helmet.