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Personal History

I am a driven person focused on setting a good example for my family, especially my two young sons.  I take on all endeavors with equal vigor and effort.  I believe that regardless of what you choose to do you should strive to give it 100% and achieve the best results that you personally are capable of.  I have taken on every challenge in my life with this attitude from my military service, my civilian career, as well as my racing.  It is my goal to show my boys that "anything worth doing is worth doing at 100%" and that what you are able to achieve is directly based upon the level of effort you give it and the commitments you are willing to make.

Riding Goals

As I strive to consistently progress my riding and racing abilities I want to make every attempt to be in a position to win each race.  The 2013 season shows that I can be a real threat to win the class each event based on my finishes and how I ran in each race.  The primary goal this year will be to deal with each event leading up to the class championship in a singular way so that the cumulative result at the end of the season just occurs organically and I achieve my ultimate goal of becoming the class champion.

Competitive Highlights

The 2013 season marked a breakout season for me with three class wins in a diverse set of conditions.  My first win came in the hills and ridges of central Virginia at the Blue Ridge 1 race.  I was able to grab the holeshot at the start and led the race from beginning to end with a very clear and dominating victory.  The next win came at an entirely new venue for the Hillbilly Hare Scramble in the steep mountains and rocky terrain of Southwest Virginia near Rural Retreat.  Although I didn't get the holeshot, I did take the lead early on the first lap and was able to maintain the lead for the remainder of the event with another dominating class win.  My third win came at the final event of the season in the flat, sandy coastal region of Virginia in Surry County.  Like the Hillbilly, I started around the fourth position but was able to quickly close on the leader and then comfortably pace them deep into the first lap.  Patience was a friend in this race and I finally had the opportunity to take the lead and then checked out from the rest of the class to capture my third class win of the season.  It was a great event overall due to superb weather, the Veteran's Day holiday weekend and to cap it with a win made it a very enjoyable time.

For the 2013 season overall, I was able to finish on the podium (top three or better) 10 out of the 14 events I competed in.  This was a vast improvement from the previous season and is a reflection of the greater focus on preparation and training.