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Rider Updates

Oct 13 2014

The Rattlesnake Hare Scramble was yet again as challenging as ever.  With off and on rain in the area all week leading up to the event and also the day of, the terrain was transformed into the likes of a rain forest jungle.  In the open portions of the course the mud churned into a sloppy soup you just had to plow through.  The single track part held up pretty well with more vegetation mixed into it but roots made sure you were on top of your game, thanks to my Pirelli's though I had little trouble.  After it was all said and done I was able to grab second place in my class and 17th overall.  It was a challenge, but thanks to my Smith roll-offs and reasonably clear vision, the grip of my IMS foot pegs I came out of the Rattlesnake without getting bitten.  I also want to thank Atlas Brace, Decal Works, Gaerne Boots, Matrix, Torc 1 Racing, Twin Air and Virus for their great support.

Sep 22 2014

Great course and great weather at the 39th Annual Peninsula Classic in Spring Grove, VA yesterday. It was a treat to go back to some old school off-road racing with a great mix of single track linked together with a lot of fast fire roads. After a so-so live engine start I was able to move into the lead early in the first lap and stay there until about 1/2 way or so into the final lap. That's when I was tangled up with a slower rider that stalled and caused me to slip back to second. I tried to catch back up but just didn't get it done in time and ended up 16 seconds back, finishing second in class and 25th overall out of 173 or so riders. All in all not a bad day, I was pleased with my riding, the bike and really enjoyed myself. The KTM was on a rail with the Pirelli's making great traction.  Thanks to all of my sponsors Gaerne, Smith Optics, Twin Air, Matrix, Atlas Brace, Torc 1, Virus and Decal Works for their awesome support.

Mar 18 2014

The 2014 season is off and running and to a very nice start.  The VCHSS ( was outside of Dahlgren, VA near our nations capital this past weekend for the 301 Riders Race for Vision benefitting the Lions Club of America programs.  The weather on Saturday was near perfect with temps in the 60's, which allowed me an enjoyable day to walk the course and see the layout.  The Southern Maryland Dirt Riders (SMDR) put together a very nice course and the weather made the dirt just about perfect with enough moisture to ensure low dust and very good traction.  Sunday turned a good bit cooler, but the looming winter weather was able to hang off long enough to get the races in before anything nasty started to fall.  I was able to grab a great hole shot and quickly get out front and stay there for the duration of the race.  I was able to ride smart and enjoyed the great traction with my Pirelli tires.  After it was all over I had been able to stretch out an almost 2 minute lead on the second place rider and come home with a class win for the season opener. I definitely want to thank all of the sponsors that help out on keeping my racing budget in check, Atlas Brace, Gaerne Boots, Pirelli, Matrix Solutions, Twin Air, Virus Clothing, Smith Optics, Torc1 Racing, and Decal Works.  Looking forward to the April Fool's Race on April 6th and chance at another great podium finish.

Dec 26 2013

The hare scramble season in Virginia is over for 2013, all in all it was my best season yet.  I started out this season on a mission to try and win the class championship, however a couple of late season blunders prevented that from happening.  Although I have learned a lesson to focus on the mission at hand with the race I am running, then the overall goal of the championship is more likely a reality.  I came close though, finishing third for the season in the class and twenty sixth overall for the season (out of about 170 or so).  A couple of late season mistakes and missing a race completely put me in a must win situation towards the end and I wasn't able to do so.  I am happy with my results and know that I can and will do better next year. As I look to 2014 I know that I will be one of the contenders once again for the class championship and this time I know better what I need to do to emerge victorious at the end.

Jun 24 2013

It was a new venue for the Hillbilly Hare Scramble this year in Rural Retreat, VA and man was it a spectacular course.  I have to hand it to the promoter for this one, they put on a great weekend that was capped off by one of the best courses of the year so far.  It had everything you want in a scramble with tight woods, some fast sections that flowed very well, creeks, hill climbs and treacherous downhills and plenty of off camber.  

I was able to cap off my weekend by capturing the class win.  I had a decent start in 4th, quickly grabbing third by the second corner.  I worked with the front two for about a mile or so and then was able to move into first.  The Pirelli's were hooking up in the wonderful Virginia mountain soil and helping me ride aggressive and keep the lead for the duration of the race.  I would like to thank all of my sponsors for their support Twin Air filters, Pirelli tires, Smith Optics, Gaerne Boots, Decal Works, Atlas Brace, Matrix and 1.7 Cleaning Solutions.

Jun 9 2013

Mother nature made her presence felt along the East coast this weekend with a great deal of rain and left overs of a tropical storm.  The effects were felt by our race series, so much so the promoter was forced to postpone the event scheduled for today (June 9) and reschedule for August 4th.  I will take advantage of this extra time to keep up with my training and get a little extra riding in.  I look forward to the next event held a little closer to home and more in my element of the mountains.

May 31 2013

My last race didn't go as planned but as they say, championships are won on your bad days.  I was able to recover from a bad situation on lap 1 and a meeting with a tree on lap 3 to stay in the top 10.  Not where I really wanted to be but not the worst finish either.  I will take that and continue to work hard on my training and preparation to be ready for the next event.

May 6 2013

I have to say, when all things click it's a very sweet feeling and that's how it went for the VCHSS round 4 held at the Blue Ridge Cycle Club in Martinsville, VA.  I was able to get the lead right away with the hole shot and maintained the lead for the entire race coming away with the class win and 16th overall (not bad from row 8).  This makes four rounds straight that I have been able to get the hole shot.  The course was all new and really took advantage of the terrain, elevation change and natural obstacles. It was a great day all the way around and I have to say the Pirelli's were fantastic.  I want to really thank all my sponsors for the great gear that helps me be 100% confident and charge hard.  Thank you Twin Air, Smith Optics, Matrix, 1.7, Gaerne Boots, Decal Works and Atlas Brace.

May 3 2013

The 3rd round of the VCHSS series, Harleywood Scramble, in Bristol, VA was quickly turned into a race to survive to the finish thanks to the influence of Mother Nature.  With rain all day and all night Saturday and pretty much continuing through Sunday during the race there was lots of mud to go around.  The challenging terrain in that area makes this race more difficult to begin with but turn it into a mud race and there are lots of opportunity for bikes and riders to boil over.  I was able to hold on to the end and come up with a 3rd in my class and 29th overall.  It was a nice return to the podium after the last race resulted in a DNF.  I can't say enough about the great performance from my Pirelli tires, the Scorpion XC front was perfect in the slop and the good ol' MT16 really hooked up to keep me moving forward.  I also want to thank Smith Optics, Gaerne Boots, Twin Air, Decal Works, Matrix, 1.7 and Atlas Brace for their support. 

This week we have Blue Ridge 1 in Martinsville, VA.  It is typically one of my better races and I look forward to good result coming out there to put me back into the contention for a class championship. 

Apr 15 2013

The second round of the VCHSS (also round 4 of the AMA East Hare Scrambles Championship Series) started off great but didn't end as well as I hoped.  The weather was beautiful, some issues with getting scoring operational for the start but the VCHSS crew worked it out and dealt with the computer glitches, and the course looked marvelous.  I was able to get a great start again and for the second time in a row captured the hole shot and led the entire first lap.  It was about 3/4 of the way through lap 2 that things went south, I got a flat rear and tried to ride it as much as possible to get out.  However, I eventually damaged my rear wheel and ended up having to leave the course and retire from the race.  I hate ending a race before I am done but I couldn't repair the wheel.  In hind sight, I should have retired sooner and changed the tube and returned to finish.  I am switching to bib mousse from this point on and will not let a flat ruin a chance for a class win again,  The Pirelli tires were awesome as usual, locking into the great soil.  I would also like to mention my other great sponsors Twin Air, Smith Optics, Decal Works and Garene.

Mar 25 2013

The start of the VCHSS (an AMA Featured Series) season was an interesting one with the spring snow storm that brought cold and snowy weather to the event.  Even with the less than ideal weather the turnout for the race was excellent with 20 on the line for my class and over 160 riders competing in the morning race.  I had been preparing all winter and the confidence in my equipment, as well as my personal fitness was high.  I was not only able to get a great start and grab the hole shot, but maintain the lead for the whole first lap.  I swapped the lead back and forth with another rider the entire race but do to an untimely slick bridge (due to snow!) I completed the event in second place just a little more than a minute behind the class leader.  All in all it was a great event, great turnout and a great result for the season opener.  I want to thank my sponsors for their support that allow me to get some great deals on great products.  Thanks to Pirelli tires, Twin Air Filters, Smith Optics, Decal Works, Gaerne Boots and Fly Racing.  I am glad to be back racing and look forward to a great season.

Jan 31 2013

There's only 51 days until the VCHSS season opener on March 24th at Central Virginia.  I have been busy completing the bike refresh and I am about finished.  During the off-season I have been focused on the fitness aspect and added road biking to my routine.  I look forward to the season opener knowing that I will be physically and mentally prepared, as well as fully confident in my equipment.  Thanks again to my 2013 sponsors Pirelli, Twin Air, Decal Works, Smith Optics and new for this year Gaerne boots.

Jan 18 2013

It's the new year and it seems like a lifetime ago since we finished up the 2012 VCHSS season here in Virginia.  I am really anxious to get on the bike and start putting in some practice time.  I appreciate the four seasons, but sometimes it would be nice to get some warmer days on the weekends.  I want to thank Randall Ellison of E-Tech Suspensions for getting my suspension fully refreshed and ready to go for the 2013 season.  As I prepare for the upcoming season and the hopes to compete for the 40+ C Class championship, I reflect back on the last half of 2012 and the momentum I was building.  I was able to really getting things together with very solid finishes in class, as well as overall.  This gives me the confidence I have now going into 2013 and looking at contending for the class championship.  I want to thank Pirelli, Twin Air and Decal Works for remaining with me into 2013.  I look forward to a great season and hopefully being up there in the running for that class championship.

Nov 12 2012

The last race of the VCHSS 2012 season was a spectacular event.  It was a beatifu; weekend by all accounts.  The weather was perfect Autumn with clear blue skies and sun galore.  The race course was immaculate and well planned by the promoter and I achieved by best results of the year, even with the largest turn out I have seen all year.  Out of 24 riders in my class I was able to post a second place finish.  A big part of that was the brand new Pirelli MT16 rear that I installed Saturday night.  It was confidence inspiring the way it was hooking up in the great loamy dirt.  Here's looking at a great 2013 VCHSS season and hopefully some class wins.

Oct 23 2012

As the VCHSS season is drawing to a close I am satisfied that I have been able to get my riding back on track and my equipment working well. My results for the second half of the season have been getting back to where I feel they should be. It has been a challenging season but as always, it's been a blast. I look forward to wrapping up the last two races with respectable finishes where I feel they should be.  Thanks to the supporting sponsors for providing great products that have helped me perform better and keep my machine running well.  Thanks Pirelli Tires,Twin Air Filters, Decal Works and Smith Optics.

Sep 14 2012

I ran Pirelli tires all season for 2012 so far and I can't say enough about how well they perform.  The Scorpion XC MidSoft is the best front tire I have run that I can remember.  The MT16 is a beast and works perfectly for me in the VCHSS and VXCS races here in Virginia and North Carolina.  Very thankful for the sponsorship opportunity in 2012 and also for the opportunity to sign again for 2013.  Thanks Pirelli!

Sep 9 2012

Well the KTM 250 XC is back on track after being completely rebuilt and she performed well this weekend at the VCHSS.ORG race at Birch Creek Motorsports.  I was able to run well with the newly restored power and finished 5th in my class.  A nice return to the top 5, which is where I expected to be this season but have been inconsistent for various reasons.  I think I can and will finish the rest of the season (4 races) strong and be around the top 5 consistently now.  Have to thank Twin Air, Pirelli, Smith Optics for their great products as part of my program.