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Rider Updates

Sep 18 2022

Red Fox was great!!  Went down 2 times tho and ended up 6th. Was seconds behind 5th and 4th.

May 16 2022

Interlake SRA was a great course. I believe i was 3rd of 12 in the 2nd turn and 5th on the 1st lap. I was severely splashed gong around a huge mud hole which got me off course and parallel with a fallen tree. few attempts of pivot turn finally got over it but lost a few positions. Finished 8th

Apr 24 2022

Lynnville Park was rough as always but the course was ran backwards this time so it really wasnt as bad as i was expecting. I was only able to get in 3 laps at 6 miles per lap due to the massive pile ups on the hills. We had to wait for the line to move cause there really wasnt another way around. The hills and a mud section was bypassed for lap 3. Came out with a 3rd place out of 12 in my row and 96 out of 177 overall.

Mar 13 2022

That was one of the tightest 5.5 mile courses ever!!! It was so tough to get around anybody even if they went down in front of you. Hit the most trees ever and went down 3 times i believe and those Phoenix Handlebars are still straight!  The FlowVision googles did a great job as well. Sometimes i take my googles off after us riders are spaced apart a bit but there was jus to many limbs. The new Garene Fastback i just got did excellent right out of the box !! On to round 2

Feb 22 2022

2022 season gettin ready to start!!!!! 10 rounds with 2 rain dates.. 2 new locations also.

Nov 20 2021

The SIGPS banquet was a great way to finish the 2021 season! Ended the season with a 3rd overall in my class! Thank you to all my sponsors below for your support! 

Oct 19 2021

Definitely didn't get the finish i wanted for the last race of the season! Was in 3rd 1st lap then took a hell of a roost which got dirt/sand behind my goggles because i didn't have them fitted tight enough guess..! Every bump and jump got more dirt in my eyes, literally blind!! Finally got them off and eyes cleared enough to ride harder again but had dropped to 7th and finished 8th. Still finished the year 3rd overall in my class! So make sure goggles fit tight on your forehead! Lesson learned..

Sep 26 2021

Finally got my first ever 2nd place! It was a rough course as always with Lynnville Park! I will be sore for days im sure. One more race to go then i believe im done for the season unless another series has something pretty close.

Sep 20 2021

Well yesterdays race at EBY started off great, perfect weather, excellent dirt, little cloudy, 7.25 mile per lap. the rain that was supposed to start at 3-6:00 decided to start at 12:30!!! i dont mean a cute little sprinkle to settle the dust, i mean THUNDER STORM! It poured so bad and got so dark in the woods it was AWSOME!!!! Ruts flooded. creeks rose, goggles, well useless.. They stopped the race at 1:10 minutes due to lightning. I was in 4th for 3 laps and stayed 4th to the finish. Was 3 seconds behind 3rd. 

Aug 30 2021

Last off the line at yesterdays race since the bike didn't fire right up. Then i couldn't believe my eyes when i came through the scoring tent and seen i was in 2nd on the 1st lap. That only made me ride harder then i completely lost my rear brakes and had to slow down a bit which made me drop and finish in 4th. That 1st lap was slick since it rained but then it was almost perfect conditions.

Aug 12 2021

Been a HOT summer! Kdx200 again is doing great, usually the oldest bike in the woods! Thank you to all my sponsors!!

Oct 11 2020

Last race of the season round 8 Little Egypt was an awesome course!!! There was 14 in my row. I was 3rd in the 1st turn then was in 2nd for a good amount of lap 1 then dropped to 4th. Went off course a little following another rider that didnt turn. Dropped to 7th. I made it back up to 5th then me and Kevin swapped 5th and 6th a few times last lap. I over shot a turn and he got me again so i finished 6th. I was 6 seconds behind 5th and 12 seconds behind 4th so it was a damn close race!!

Sep 29 2020

Sept 27th race at Lynnville Park was rough and rocky as usual plus there was alot of dust. Since we ran the course backwards this time it was very rough since everything is "worn in' from going the other direction. 5.5 mile course, got 5 laps in. Got another 5th place! 

Sep 13 2020

Lawrence Co Rec Area was 6 mile per lap awsomness!  Got 4 laps in. Was 3rd in the 1st turn then dropped to 4th,then got passed for 5th. Was on 4th riders tail when i slid out on a berm. 27 seconds behind and couldnt catch up.

Aug 23 2020

The race at Eby was awsome, conditions were great little slick in some area and very very tight. I think i was 6th in the 1st turn and first couple laps but worked my way up to 4th and 21 overall. Did 5 6mile laps. 

Aug 5 2020

July 19th at Lynnville Park was a beast!! Slick rocks and roots plus heat index was 104 degrees. Got 5th place there 25th overall.

Aug 2 at Red Fox TnT was a mud fest, roots and ruts so deep they would stop you! 4th place 28th overall

Jun 28 2020

Rnd 2 at Parsons MX Compound. Started last off the line since im still not used to the new short FRP kickstarter.. 9 in Vet C class today and battled up to 4th and on last lap somehow, somewhere ???? got passed and finished 5. 

Jun 16 2020

Rd 4 which turned into Rd 1 due to the Rona was a blast!!! Tightest 6 mile course ever, i did 4 laps in 1:33.

Jan 1 2020

New years ride at Red Fox. Great sunny day 52 degrees. Little muddy with deep ruts but it was good to get out and ride with the guys. Probably 100 in attendance plus there was chillie to eat ! 

Oct 17 2019

I wish sponsors would check their messages in the communication center....


Oct 11 2019

Sundays race is at a 900 acre old coal mine/ stripper pits and its been raining all day over there!   Ive raced there in dusty conditions but not slick conditions!!!  Just changed the rear tire on the KDX to the IRC M5B and hopping for the best!!!!

Sep 29 2019

Todays race went great, didnt get lapped by others in my class and did 6  5.5 mile laps in 1:41. it was a very tight course,clipped many trees, the updated motocross section was a blast, i was hittin and clearing the jumps.. 94 degrees didnt help IT WAS HOT!!!