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Rider Updates

Sep 7 2015

I took a break from racing in 2014 and started back up racing the Main event Series. I finished the series with a 2nd overall in 250c 450c and Schoolboy 12-16.

Apr 7 2013

Tough day at the track. Something broke in my clutch case and put a hole in case......So bummed

Mar 4 2013

I started out practice day getting taken out by a 30 year old 450 c rider and ended up with a bent sub frame, broke clutch lever and my leg swollen up from thigh to my toes Saturday morning. I toughed it out and rode 250 c limited with two divisions. I ended up 31st with all the mayhem on track. On Sunday I pulled off a 15th out of 27 riders in Schoolboy 2 and a 15th out of 54 entries in 250 c mod class. I did pretty good considering I only had 5 days with the new 250F. I'll be working on them starts! What a difference two stroke to 4 stroke.

Feb 13 2013

Training hard and getting ready to start racing in March 2013 !!!!

Apr 13 2012

When I got there friday night to sleep it was starting to rain in the morning it was a down pour on saturday I didnt start racing till 3:00 pm I was doing supermini 1 that day the class was pretty stacked i got a 7th place finish. On sunday the track was dry and rough and i was racing supermini 2 I got a 4th place finish so now im going to the regional at Three palms extreme sports park my home track.

Jan 28 2012

On Febuary 25th 2011 I broke my femur praticing the day before the first AMA Lorreta Lynn Qualifier at Three Palms Extreme Park in Conroe TX. With surgery and a long recovery I'm coming back to race super mini class only in 2012. I came back in time to race the Outlaw 452 Main Event Series where I placed 3rd overall in the 6 events. It took me awhile to get back in to the groove of racing every weekend. I'm currently racing the Houston Holeshot series where I'm currently running 1st in points in the Supermini 2 class and 3rd in Super mini 1 with 3 more rounds to go.

I've also been riding and racing my CR125 in the Schoolboy and C class when I have time. Thanks for checking out my profile and I'll be back soon.

Dec 18 2009

Dec 18 2009

I love this series because it pays holeshot awards and it has Answer/MSR Contingincy. There will be six rounds all within an hours drive of downtown Houston. I placed 2nd in the overall championship last year and I'm feeling good about this year.

I've only raced twice since July and I'm healthy and pumped to get back to racing on a regular basis.

Sep 1 2009

I'm training hard and getting ready for my first race since july. I'll be racing the last round of the Outlaw Main Event Series here in Splendora at Splendora MX (ly San jacinto MX). I can't wait!! I'm also going to race the HOH Texas winter series in January 2010. See ya soon!!!

Apr 23 2009

Jul 11 2008

My first great finish after my injury April 20th. On July 12th at 290 Cycle world for the first round of the Main Event Series. It was hot and dry with a rough track to top but, had a great moto for my final one of the night and gave Riley Ripper a run for his money on the last lap. I'm training hard and getting ready for round 2 at Highlands MX on August 9th.

Apr 28 2008

April 20th 2008

Racing for the lead with Riley Ripper I came over the finish jump and went down hard in the turn. I have a fractured collar bone and a concussion. I'll miss the Loreta Lynn qualifier and won't be back on the bike till May 12th.I've had to reset my goals to the Ponca City National and the mini O's. I'll be racing for my next regional title Memorial Day Weekend. I should rap up the South Texas Dealer Series Title in the 65cc 7-9 and 65cc 7-11 open.

Mar 26 2008

He is really putting his heart in this because on March 30th 2006 David lost his Mother to a brain anuryisum without any symptoms and very sudden. He has struggled the last two years but, he has grown up alot in short time and realizes that everyday is a gift.If your intrested in supporting Pinball in his mission then log on to Houston and share your words of support or make a pledge.

Ride Pinball Ride!!!!!!

Mar 17 2008

On sunday March 16th 2008 I won the Houston Holeshot Championship 65cc 7-9

It's not the way I wanted to finish the last event of the series but, it could of been worse.On the last lap of my moto I came the face of a jump sideways and landed the same way. OUCH!!!! I took a bar to my body and it knocked the wind out of me pretty good. After the EMT's checked me out and my Dad straightened out the front end of my bike the best he could with little time because my last moto came up quick. I started the moto so I wouldn't get a DNF and rolled across in 6th place and took my class championship. My ribs are sore but, I'm still pumped about winning the overall series title. There are going to have an awards banquet this saturday at Dave & Busters for all the participants in the series. I want to thank all my sponsors and my Dad.

Feb 15 2008

Feb 15 2008

Feb 10 2008

David is looking forward to his sponsorship with Scott USA and can't wait to sport some brand new goggles. David has always worn Scott goggles since he started riding. He'll be on the podium soon with some around his neck. Thanks Scott USA!!

Feb 4 2008

I would like to invite everybody to check my profile every now and then to see my progress in 2008. I'm going to qualify for Ponca and try to make L.L.