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Personal History

Aloha I am David Dabin. I am from the island of Kauai in Hawaii. I’ve been racing dirt bikes since I was 6 years old. My dad, Darrell Dabin, is my Trainer and Manager on and off the track. He is also my Mechanic and Pitman. I have never had any kind of contract sponsorship. Being from a small island in the pacific, it may be harder to get noticed. This past year we have done a lot of racing in California. My family is sacrificing a lot so I can train and race here in the mainland to take my racing to the next level. Riding dirt bike is my passion. It truly is my favorite thing to do. Other than that I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and playing some videos games, Also going fishing. 

Riding Goals

My goals are to continue to train and compete in all nations races and win top 5. 

Competitive Highlights

I recently raced at Mammoth 2018 and won 1st place in the 250C Clsss and also 1st in the 250 C jr Class.

A goal that I accomplished this year was racing the road to Lorrettas. I qualified all the way the Nationals in Tennessee and placed 2nd in the 250C jr Class and placed 7th in the 250 C Class.