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Personal History

My name is David Keller JR. I am 16 years old. I race a YZ 125. I am a motocross racer in District 13 in VA. I have been riding for 8 years now. This is my second year racing. My main focus at this time is the Twin County Mega Cup Series and District 13 races. I race in two classes, Schoolboy1 and Unlimited Amateur.

Riding Goals

My Goals for the coming years are simple. Before I get to old to race schoolboy1 12-16 I want to dominate this class. The same goes for Unlimited Amateur. I want to be first in both of my classes in the Twin County Mega cup Series. My goal for me in the next few short years is to qualify for Loretta Lynns.

Competitive Highlights

My Best highlight of my career was getting my first trophy. I would also have to say another highlight would have to be me never giving up. Everyone has had there fair share of bad crashes. If I can get up after a crash, I will push myself to finish what I have started. People say "its the warrior coming out in you". My first year racing (2009) I did qualify for the year end banquets for D13 and the Twin County Mega Cup Series.