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Personal History

I'm 28 years old. I ride since my 4 years old and my first race was when i was 8 year old. My first bike was a yamaha 50cc, i had two, a blue one and the other pink, after that i came to Azores (Portuguese islands), and my father bought me a new brand KTM 50cc Senior and after a while i was considered to be a big future rider with plenty of victory's bus i changed directly to the 85cc a biger bike and more powerfull than a 50 cc of course. My first year i finished 2nd, but in my second year in my second race i felt from a jump and broke my right leg, double fracture. After this accident, I went to Africa, to the Democratic Republic of congo and i grew there and i rode lots and lots, all weekends and when i was in vacation I were always going to train. There i finished my first year in 4th place in the 85cc because i didn't do all the races because of a injury. A after I changed to the 125cc class and my first year I finished 6th of my class. For the next year I bought a 250 CRF and i started to grew up and being faster and stronger and I began to be on the Top 3 of my class. There I was considered to be a great and very good rider. I was very fast, very technique, very powerfull and agressive. When I had the opportunity to go train, I wouldn't miss it for nothing. And to help me being a better rider I do some muscle work, endurance and swimming. I love riding and more I grow more I want. Now I'm back to Africa, I'm now living in the Democratic Republic of Congo... And I'm working hard to be the champion of Congo... With your help I know I can get there.... 

Riding Goals

Some of my goals are to get sponsored from one of the companies that are in this website, to finish on the top 3 because in Azores and try to attack the #1 and I'm going to compete with Honda And KTM and Kawasaki, the 250 CRF 2012, 250sxf 2019 and 250kxf 2016 and I'm waiting I'll do my best to give your company a good name. To Be one of the riders and compete in all races. I just hope to finish on the top 3!! I'm working hard to get there but I know that I can get there... Hoping to get help by you guys....

Competitive Highlights

One of them was when I won the first moto race. It was with the 250 CRF 2005, in Africa, Congo. I was feeling so good, so strong, so confident that I said to myself today it's my day and I'm going to attack, I did it and I was very happy and my father, My god I woul say it seemed to me to see Him on Heaven Lool. One of my other Highlights was in the 50cc class when I beated guy's with 65cc bikes and 85cc. I was just a kid so I didn't realize what I was doing, but that throttle, I wouldn't stop it for nothing.