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Personal History

My name is David Seidl and I am from Lebanon, CT. I am 15 years old and like to race motocross. I am a freshman LYMAN Memorial High School.  I have been riding and racing for about four years now and it is a major part of my life. During the winter I usually train at the gym about two times a week and during the spring and summer I usually ride three times a week. I race almost every weekend and its what I do.

Riding Goals

Before every race season I always make a few goals and try to accomplish them throughout the season. For the 2008 race season my first goal is to win my first race on my Yamaha Yz 125. That is almost everyones goal for the season but I feel that if I train and ride I will accomplish this goal. My second goal for the season is to win a championship in the spring or fall series. I just need a good finish and to be consistant every weekend. My third and final goal for the 2008 season is to make it to 125 amature. If I train and ride hard I will get there and I will be there soon.

Competitive Highlights

Throughout the last few years  I have had many competitive highlights. They all started last year on January 14, 2007 when I got my first ever podium finish. I raced a whole year and never got a top three. Many people would have given up but I'm the type of person who never gives up and knew sooner or later that I would get that top three. Just a few months later on May 13, 2007 I turned my first top three into my first win. I got the holeshot in the main event and lead for about a lap. On the second lap I was passed but I kept pressuring. The rider ended up going down and I took my first win, I was pumped. This was the turning point and every weekend from there on out I was usually found in the top five. I have also had many holeshots and everyone who has had a holeshot knows that it feels great and is a competitve highlight. The fall series started and I only did two out of the three races and found myself only  two points out of first. I was looking forward to my first championship but that came to an end on August 5, 2007 when I broke my collar bone. I was bummed becaue I knew that if I tried hard enough I would have ended up winning my first championship and it would have been my biggest competive highlights.