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Personal History

I am 27 years old and I currently split my time between racing and work. I have been racing for 22 years and I started on a pw 50 with training wheels. I ride because it is truly my passion, I would not trade a second to do anything else. For 2020 I have a few sponsors and am looking for more as I will be making my first attempt to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s, please come join me for the ride!

Riding Goals

My goals for the 2020 season and beyond are to stay healthy and try and win some local championships as well as qualify for Loretta Lynn’s for my first time, I’ve had a few injuries that I had to rebound from and this time I feel like I will be able to make it to the ranch and duke it out with riders nation wide!

Competitive Highlights

2-2 at Southwick Mx 338, 2010, 3-3 at Winchester Speedpark, 2010, 2-3 at Hemonds Mx Park, 2010, 1-1 at Paradox Mx in New York, 2013. 4th overall in 2010 NEMA Championship, 6th Overall in 2011 NEMA Championship, 3rd Overall in 2012 NEMA Championship, 2nd Overall in 2013 NEMA Championship.