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Personal History

Hello, I'm Decklin Christensen. I am 10 years old and ride a 65cc KTM.  In races I ride in the 65cc 7-11yr class and the 85cc 7-11cc class.  I have been riding for five years and racing for two. My Mom, Dad, brother and I live on a farm outside of Drumheller. I am very lucky that my Dad built us a track on our farm so we can practice and play around on. We also ride a lot at the Drumheller track. We spend a lot of volunteer time there too. This year we organized a race and a supension school at the Drumheller track. I helped out at the track by doing various jobs like painting the tower, picking garbage and rocks.  My Mom and Dad said its important to volunteer at the track to help get new riders into the sport.

I ride in the Alberta Spring and Fall SOAB Series. It takes me to cities like, Calgary, Taber, Raymond, Alix, Drumheller, Brooks and Medicine Hat.

This year I worked really hard with improving my rider position. I can tell it really paid off because last year I was 23rd in the Alberta SOAB Fall series and now I am 6th. Sometimes its not all about getting trophies and first place positions. I have the heart and drive in this sport. I eat and breathe motocross! I truly love this sport. I can ride my bike for hours and enjoy every minute of it. I love to help younger boys too. I have a little brother that is doing quiet well in the series and I enjoy giving him tips to him and his friends to improve on their ability.

I would like to have the chance to promote your products in the 2011 season. I am a good hard working person with a lot of drive. I have good grades. I believe 2011 with be a good season for me. I plan on riding to my best ability and I have good sportsmanship.

Next summer we will race the Alberta Spring and the Fall SOAB series. We plan on doing more Provincial Northern Alberta races. We will do the Western Amatuer National Championships in Raymond and lastely we want to go to the Eastern Amatuer National Championships in Ontairo.

So look out Motocross world Decklin Christensen is coming up the ranks! Braaaap!

Riding Goals

My biggest goal on 2011 is to be top five in the Spring and Fall Alberta SOAB series in the 65 7-11 class.  Currently I am 6th position. I think my chances are good. In 2010 Fall Series I had a lot of mechanical errors with my bike. I have worked a lot on our farm so I am saving my money up for a new bike. I have done various jobs like painted our deck, picked rocks in our fields and trimmed weeds. I understand bikes are a lot of money so we are all saving up for a new bike for 2011!

Another goal I am working on is my rider position. I started out riding with a poor position so I am working hard to correct bad habits.

2011 will be my last year to ride a 65cc so I will be introduced to a 85cc. My goal will be to learn and handle a faster, bigger bike. I will remain to ride the same classes as I did last year, 65cc and 85cc.

Competitive Highlights

I think my biggest competive highlight was when I won not only my first trophy but got second place in the Super Bee class at the Western Amateur National Championships. I raced against 85cc bikes. I road an amazing race with my 65cc. I was passing 85cc riders on doubles and gaining positions each second. I road with confidence with the wind on my back! It still makes me smile each time I think back to that race.

My second biggest highlight was when I raced in the Pentiction British Columbia Arena Cross.  The second day of racing we went into a motocross school in the morning and I learned a lot! That night when I raced I got the hole shot and I finished second in the B class. It was so cool to race in an arena and see yourself on the big camera in the middle of the arena!