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Personal History

My name is Derek Resendes. I have been riding motorcycles since i was 18 years old but never got on my first dirt bike until i was 28. Once i got a taste of the dirt i quickly sold my street bikes and the motocross sport absorbed me. I currently am riding a 2016 Honda crf 450r.

I was extremely fortunate to become a member of Private Motorcycle Club named Erie Ramblers near my hometown. The club provides 100 acres consisting of 1/4 flat track, Mototrcross track, Kids super cross track, Sand track, miles of bush trails and of course some the the best times with friends. Here is where do most of my riding about 3 times per week.

Aside from motocross, i work as a full-time Firefighter for the city of Chatham. I am married to my beautiful wife Vanessa, who is my biggest fan.


Riding Goals

I planning to enter as many races and events as i can this coming season and gain more experience. Strive to do my best and get my name out there to the sponsors and proudly represent anybody sponsoring me.

Competitive Highlights

Erie Ramblers Mx Series B-Open - Overall 1st Place

Nov 17 2018 - Erie Rambler Mx Series B Open  1st
Oct 5 2018  - Ironman - Delta Ohio  2nd
Sep 29 2018 - Under the Lights - Delta Ohio  1st
Sep 16 2018 - Superbikers - Erie Ramblers, Wheatley  21s
Sep 16 2018 - Superbikers- Erie Ramblers Wheatley  3rd 
Sep 9 2018 - TVR - Vet Class - Wheatley Ont  1st 
Sep 9 2018 - TVR - Wheatley  3rd
Aug 26 2018 - Ironman, Delta Ohio  3rd 
Aug 25 2018 - Under the Lights - Delta, Ohio  1st
Jul 8 2018 - Erie Rambler Mx-2  3rd
Jul 8 2018 - Erie Ramblers Mx-2  3rd 
Jun 10 2018 - Amateur Motocross Ontario  1st 
May 27 2018 - Erie Ramblers Mx-1  1st 
May 27 2018 - Erie Ramblers Mx-1  2nd 
May 6 2018 - Erie Ramblers 2hr Motocross  1st