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Personal History

I started riding last year in April on my old 2006 TTR-50. I raced a couple of races and took 3rd and 2nd places against the pw-50 bikes. I knew that racing was what I wanted to do, and I spent as many hours on my bike as I could! If I’m not on my bike, I’m either watching races on TV, watching YouTube videos about racing, or playing racing video games. My other big hobby is fishing. 

Riding Goals

One day I am going to be a pro motocross rider. My mom and stepdad support my dream and do whatever it takes to help me along the way. They know riding is my favorite thing, and they let me do it pretty much whenever I want. My stepdad even built us a track in our front yard! By the end of this year, I hope to be able to jump the triple jump at our house, improve my corner speeds, and keep building my basic skills. I hope to attend another training camp this fall, and my ultimate goal is to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s in the next two years. 

Competitive Highlights

Competitively, I have improved this year from finishing 9th overall in my class, to 1st overall.