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Personal History

My name is Dom Nobile, I am 18 yrs old , just graduated high school!! I played football, I wrestled, and I ran track, with racing locally for 5 years!! I am a state finalist, and a 4 tkme state qualifier with 3 medals for wrestling, an all state, all district football player, but racing is my passion and the sport I want to take off and run with!! I Work down at Hicks farming I have been there 5 years to keep my self racing while going to school and sports!! Racing is something that means a lot to me!! I'm hoping I can get some great sponserships to help out because I have a lot of potential to make this a career but it all starts with me!!! I work hard everyday to keep going and hopefully it pays off one day!!! I'm a very fun out going kid, with the most energy someone can have and I don't ever stop working, riding or having fun!! I am very respectful and always have a smile on my face!! Have no reason not to!!! I love the racing atmosphere and will never give it up!

Riding Goals

My Riding goals are to own a couple of my own bikes that are completely set up for mx!!! My bike now is something I make work I just only imagine if I could have a completed bike of how fast I would actually be!! I want to go pro!! I'm chasing my Dream and nothing will stop me!! I have nothing to lose, and I'm the under dog always looking to better my self!! I take in as much tips and help as I can to get better everyday !!

Competitive Highlights

I went to my first national Down in walnut IL, coming out with a hole shot in my first heat race in open C followed by a 5th place finish in my heat!! To a 6th place finish in the main motor for an overall of 7th!! 

Went to my second national, with a 10th overall to bring home a plaque but not satisfied!! first moto running in top 6 and made a couple of dumb errors and then got stuck up on the burm putting me back in 14th that heat! came out in main moto for a 6th place finish to luckily place me top 10!