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Personal History

I am 16 years old, i race both motocross and enduro/ deserting racing in the MRANN series. I have been riding for 3 almost 4 years but recently the past year in a half is when I have started racing. I have had a few hard crashes but that never puts me down, riding is my life and racing is my carrier. I love to get out and have fun and I love to meet new people during races and make new friends, i currently ride both a yz250 and a yz125, but I race my yz125. I am a Novice class rider.  

Riding Goals

I Want to make a name for both myself and In my town, I live in a small town in Nevada called Fallon and I want to become pro some day with the help of future teams when I get them. I also want to make my family proud in racing and becoming known. I have great sportsmen ship and treat all the races with respect and respect the riders who are in the race. I want to Ride for Fox Racing one day and get onto a factory team.

Competitive Highlights

I am a very competitive rider and always push both myself and my bike when I race, I never give up and always try my very hardest to finish because if I know the bike can do it, I can to! I have taken a few hard crashes but even with those crashes I have taken each of them as a lesson on what not to do and I learn from those mistakes, I am very determined in what I do and do not let anything get in my way, I am very respectful to my other riders and do not put them in danger in what I do. I race in a Novice Enduro class, and a C class motocross rider. I have gotten faster and faster every time I am on the track, I have two motocross teachers, 1 is currently a professional rider, the other is a retired professional SX rider. I would be honored and glade to represent your team and to get your products out! I love being apart of a close community and I love being able to support teams! 

Thank you.

Dominick Johnston.