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Personal History

Hello my name is Doug Kalous im 40 years young married and a father of three great kids. 2 of them ride. I rode motorcycles when i was a kid but nothing like we are doing now. We try to ride every other weekend during the summer. Last year we actually entered a few races. Over the last several years we have meet alot of great people. We actually started a small club "L2Rmx" stands for live to ride.We currently have about 10 guys and one girl my daughter brooke who is 9. We are always at the track trying to improve and have fun. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My brother ride when every we do too.

Riding Goals

I have acouple goals 1. Win a trophy 2. Get faster 3. Practice as much as i can 4. Have fun 5. Enjoy time with my freind and family

Competitive Highlights

We just started racing last year. I entered into 4 races. Mostly finished almost last. But as the year went on i was getting faster. The last race i entered i was 9th out of 15. I tried SX type but i think my heart is with motocross.

2014 was a great year.... after healing from my acl surgey i jumped right into racing.. 30bc i raced byron nuke series... finish out about mid pack of 38 racers.... and only face 1/3 if the races.... i plan on starting 2015 and racing the entier series.