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Personal History

Dirt bikes and racing has to be the greatest experience of my life.  From meeting new friends to getting to explore new places,  I have been so fortunate for all I have experienced. Racing has brought about so many close friends who I consider to be family members at this point.  Dirt bikes are how I met my girlfriend, how I make side money (also how I spend a lot of money), and how I relax.  My life revolves around twisting a throttle.
            I was not always a big racer. I was the typical jock playing football and other team sports.  I always casually rode on the weekends with my brother and dad, but never had the thought of racing.  I went away to college after high school and couldn’t really ride much while away. Once I transferred to Rowan University I bought myself another bike and began doing some motocross races.  At rowan I studied law/justice and biology. I successfully achieved a bachelor’s degree in law/justice and a minor in biology.  After graduation I had all intention of becoming a game warden, but I couldn’t see myself as law enforcement.   My career choice now is being a local union member of 322 pipefitters, plumbers and welders.  I started this career back in June of 2018 and have not looked back since.  I also have a successful landscape business I run on the side, which pays for my racing while the union job pays for any student loans and car insurance.  Needless to say it’s tough to be able to stay up with fresh gear and typical maintenance. 
            Besides riding and racing I enjoy mountain biking, going to the gym, riding Harleys, and just hanging out with my friends. We are always ripping pit bikes, fixing our race bikes or just going out on our town having a good time. Anyone who knows me knows I always have a smile on my face whether I’m breaking stuff in the garage or sitting on the line preparing to race.  This year I joined south jersey endure riders.  Some of the nicest people I have ever met.  It is basically a giant moto family and to me family is everything. Nothing in this sport can get done without support from a family backing you.

Riding Goals

My goals for next season are to compete in 250A and place top 5.  This being my second full season any support is appreciated.  Never realized how much it costs to be competitive in this sport and Im in it to win it and can't be having breakdowns again next year over cutting corners.

Competitive Highlights

This year was my first year racing a full hare scramble series.  I participated in the full ecea hare scramble series competing in B250.  With a few DNFs I was able to scrape a 3rdplace in our championship.  The rock runs were not my favorite and definitely have to work on riding rocks for the 2019 season.  As for the Jersey races I did quite well.  I placed top 5 every race in New Jersey winning my first race at Sahara sands this past spring. Without the DNFs I feel confident in saying I would have won the championship or could have had a really awesome battle for first with the current champion.  I already have begun training for next season and am hungry to chase the championship next year and hopefully finish in the top 5.  I will be running in A250 next year and know there is a lot of work to be done in order to get the results I want and my sponsors will deserve.