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Personal History

Hey whats up, My name is Dustin Ahrendt I am 24 years old. I have been racing motocross for the past 10 years. I currently ride the MX Lites A and MX A classes. I am very pround of myself for getting to this point in my career. I remember when i used to look up to guys in the "A" class, now im that racer being looked up to. Since I am the racer being looked up to I am very friendly, mature, and professional both on and off the race track. I always promote my sponsors to the best of my ability on the weekends and during the week at work. I currently am a parts manager at a motorcycle dealership where I have built a huge customer base being a well known and respected local and regional racer. I will be moving on in the next coming weeks to be a full time mechanic and ride with an upcoming ameteur racer in my area. We will be traveling all over the united states going to races and places to train. I also do motocross schools in my area in the little spare time i have for i love working with kids, they are great and i know at their age i would have loved the help, so I enjoy giving back a little of my knowlegde. I guess all in all I am very pleased with how far I have gotten myself in the sport and i enjoy being professional on and off the track. I also have a 19 year old brother who i train and race with and he too races the "A" classes so it makes it very fun and stressful at the same time, my whole family is involved and i love the support from them and look foreward to support from my new sponsors and promoting them to the very best of their expectations.

Riding Goals

This seaon I am looking to come back strong from my knee surgery in August. I have been working hard to rehab it to get back on the track as soon as possible. I plan on making trips south every few weeks to train with the ametur rider i will be working for. I then will be racing and traveling with them locally, regionally, and nationally. We have a 30ft stacker trailer and a 34 foot motorcoach to pull it so our sponsors definatly get noticed. I also want to race a few arenacrosses this winter if i am ready for them in time which is what im aiming for right now, i will continue also to do mx schools in my free time. Last but certainly the most important is to stay healthy and to promote my sponsors week in and week out on and off the track.

Competitive Highlights

Some of my highlights are many local ameteur awards and championships. I have qualified for ameteur nationals but was unable to attend because of conflicts. I have raced with names like Ryan Dungy, Alex Martin, both Alessi brothers and many more on a weekly basis. I am a top 5 pro in my state and top 15 in my neighboring states.