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Personal History

I have been riding since 2006 but I have only been racing since 2013. I race mostly cross country but do race some motocross here and there. I took about a year off from racing because I joined the military. I have since started getting back into the flow of racing and gaining my competitive edge. I will competing mostly in CORCS, WeBe, and a few motocross races.

Riding Goals

  • Top placement in all races i compete in
  • Grow as a racer
  • Gain more confidence and experience on my new bike
  • Represent my sponsors to my highest potential 
  • Race a minimum of 15 races in 2019 between CORCS, RNXA, OCCRA, and WeBe

Competitive Highlights

2016 OCCRA: Sportsman (7th)

2016 OCCRA: Decades Vintage (3rd)

2015 OCCRA: Sportsman (8th)

2016 Oklahoma Gold Rush: Beg/Nov team (8th)