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Personal History

My name is Dylan English. I am 20 years old. I started riding as a kid on my little dirtbikes then got out of it and had four wheelers.. one day i wanted to get into racing so i sold my honda recon 250 utility four wheeler and bought me a 400ex. i thought i was going to race it until i found out how much work had to go into it by fixing it up.. so my buddy Ken had a Kx 125 and i wanted it so bad so a couple weeks later i sold my 400ex and bought my first race bike. i havent been able to stop since then. Motocross to me is not just a sport or hobby or something that you get things in or girls, it is a passion to me and it will always be. Hopefully when i have kids one of them will love it as much as me. My little brother always prtends his bicycle is a dirtbike and he calls me bubba and he wants to be just like me. I will always encourage him to get on a dirtbike and race because it was the best thing i ever did. I am not diagnosed with single side deafness. It is something the doctors can't fix. Being on my bike takes the emptyness away. I may also develop it in my left ear also. It is just a waiting game now. But as long as i have my motocross bike to help get my mind off thing. I love motocross and I would love to make a career out of it and make something of myself.

Riding Goals

To race more and get sponsors to look at me.

Competitive Highlights

I won the winter series in my class in Chesterfield Sc at Sandhills motorsports park.