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Personal History

My name is Dylan Fenstermaker and I live in Freehold, New Jersey. I am currently a freshman at Freehold Boro High school. I first started riding in September of 2020. I was on a 2011 TTR125 and I went to the track and instantly fell in love with the sport. I sold my bike the next week and bought a 2015 YZ85 which was when I really started getting into the sport. I had that bike for a while then I got a KX85 and sold my YZ. I dont like the KX right now so I got a 2022 Husky 85 big wheel. I am really getting into the sport now, my parents are working on getting a rig soon so it will be more fun at the track and we can travel farther in the future. 

Riding Goals

My riding goal is to try my hardest all the time. I feel like if your not trying your hardest you wont get the placement you want. I could easily cruse at get 5th but I try my hardest and push for top 3. I feel like if I go out to a really hard race and push my hardest and get 5th I will feel better than cruse in the beginner class and get 2nd. Also just to improve on my corners and bringing momentum through them. 

Competitive Highlights

I have been able to get top 5 almost every race this summer. In the beginning of the summer I was getting top 10 and top 15. I am seeing myself improving a lot and enjoying the sport more and more.