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Rider Updates

Sep 16 2014

After a bad wreck in August of 2012 in which I broke my back and both of my arms I am finally at 100% both physically and mentally and in training to start competing in local mx and cross country races again. My current plans are to run the intermediate class in the TORO series starting in November and the 250C class in the Texas Winter Series that starts in January. 






















Aug 18 2010

Every year during the hottest times of the summer my racing circuit (torn) takes a long break so we dont have to race in 100+ degree weather and with the way the econemy is right now we can barley afford to race the torn series as is so we have been able to run any races in beetween this year but i have been practiceing hard and traing hard over the break so hopefully that will payoff during my next race the torn season starts back upon the weekend of Aug. 28-29, 2010 thank u for your support and effort.