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Personal History

When I was born my dad raced quads and I guess it’s been in my blood ever sense. I rode quads and never got the opportunity to race because of off the track stuff and the tracks in AZ don’t hold a lot of races for quads... About 2 years ago I got my first dirt bike and I’ve been going to the track practicing and getting much much better every time. I've been training with my good friend who raced amateur pro in the super cross futures in Glendale AZ, competes all around Arizona and in some parts of Cali. Together we have been working on my technique, form, laptimes, and off the bike work to make me more confident on and off the bike.

Riding Goals

My main goal is to go out have fun and get better every day. With this upcoming racing season my goal is to make it to every race, come out on top and move up through the classes. Every time I’m at the track i have my dad times my lap times and my goal is to just keep bringing my times down. Another goal of mine is to work my way out of a beginner class and into the C class and then work up to be one of the top C class riders. With that i wanna qualify for Loretta Lynn's in the C class and work my way up as fast as i can into the amateur pro class on a 250f. I know some of my goals are far out but i know the harder i work the faster ill achieve them and that's just what i'm doing.