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Personal History

Rider Profile:

I started racing about 5 years ago at a local track just to see what it would be like. I have raced everything from MX, XC, mini 4-stroke mini bikes, vintage MX, & flat track, though my main focus is ATV MX. I raced pretty much every single weekend with my wife for nearly 2 years (’05-’07) until a complicated pregnancy came about and effectively postponed our racing careers.  Mother Nature has decided that a child is not in our future at this time and we are now focusing on racing once again.  I have started my new training program, bought a new quad, and I am ready to aim high once again.  I currently operate 2 tracks on my property and have been riding and training nearly every day.  I am an active duty Air Force Technical Sergeant so fitness and discipline are a key to my success.

Why am I valuable to your company?

Along with my private practice tracks, I am a volunteer in the community. I build and maintain 3 local tracks ensuring the riders have a safe and fun place to ride (as seen on the TV show “Wife Swap”). I make it a point to interact with the riders so I get the feedback needed to continually make the track a challenging place to learn. In addition I have recently taken on the task of building the tracks for the WORCS series when they come to the NW (including the first ever infamous WORCS-X as seen on TV).  I was recently praised by the WORCS staff as being the “best track builder they’ve ever seen.” Furthermore I also teach ATV MX clinics at my home and the local tracks. This past weekend we hosted the 1st annual Haunted MX for Kids, a combined event encompassing advanced riding techniques for both ATV's & dirtbikes as well as a Haunted House in the evening. I am an ATV Safety Institute volunteer and a Motorcycle Mentor/Safety Representative for McChord AFB WA.  I am also a facilitator with Live Nation Entertainment and AMP Live Events Entertainment coordinating numerous ATV racing shows throughout the Northwest attracting over 50,000 plus race fans.  So you see, my unique outreach to various diverse groups of motorsport enthusiasts, steadfast professionalism and communication skills coupled with the aforementioned credentials lead me to believe that I would make an excellent networking tool for your company.




Riding Goals

Future Goals:

This summer I moved up to the Pro class and raced mostly XC events to polish my offroad skills.  Next I plan on racing the entire Oakwood indoor MX series, finishing on top in the Pro & Pro-Am classes. All the while I will continue my training and try to gain more support from great companies like yours.

Competitive Highlights


2003 Blaster A Champion Oakwood Indoor MX

2004 Blaster A Champion Oakwood Indoor MX

2005 -30 Champion Oakwood Indoor MX

2006 4 Stroke A Champion Oakwood Indoor MX

2007 Open Quad Champion Oakwood Indoor MX

2007 Pro-Am Champion Oakwood Indoor MX

2008 3rd Overall Pro Quad class TPQ series (XC)



2003 BBR Stock 150 Champion

2004 BBR Stock 150 Champion

2004 Sweetbud Stock 150 Champion

2004 Oakwood 125 Champion (on a CRF150F)

2007 Hammer & Tongs Vintage MX 125 Winner (’82 XR100)