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Personal History


My name is Eirik Skårdalsmo. I am a Norwegian motocross rider. I'am 17 years old. I started with motocross at a age of 15. 2007 was my first season racing. I think it is the best sport in the world, and it just get's more fun every time i ride. This year I have bin racing the Regional campionchip. (The Midle Norwegan Championship), and i actually got 6 place in both the MX2 and the MX2 Juinor. It was a close point's race all the way to the finish. Now I'am really looking forward to my next season racing. I'am also giong to compite in the final Round of the Norwegian Campionchip, and the Regional Finale.

(sorry for my poor english :P)

Best Regards

Eirik #154

Riding Goals