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Personal History

Emerson is 6 years old and in grade 1.  He is loved by everyone around him especially his siblings.  Emerson is kind, thoughtful, helpful, polite, loyal, fun, smart and very athletic.  He is always liked by his teachers and always has many friends.  Emerson always wants to do well and he puts in a great effort to accomplish all his tasks.

Emerson is a very good hockey player but he is excelling at motocross and is very passionate about the sport.  

As his parent Emerson has so many traits i am proud of but most of all its his honest personality, his drive to succeed and love for life. 




Riding Goals

My riding goal is to win a series and get a trophy.  

I am working towards clearing all three doubles on the Vet track at Milestone.

My goal is to get the whole shot in this weekends race.

Competitive Highlights

Sept 2014 - learned how to ride a 50cc Honda

October 2014 - 1 race, finished but got lapped

November 2014- got a cobra junior and was finishing 5th /6th

April 2015 - got a King Cobra, started clearing the table tops on the PeeWee track at Milestone and was finishing 3rd and 4th in his races

August 2015 - he is now getting the whole shot, placing 1st and 2nd, clearing both doubles on the Vet track at Milestone and took his first lesson in      Motocross