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Personal History

My name is Emerson Aybar and I am a very dedicated, motivated, and strong willed person. I completed five years in the U.S. Navy as a helicopter crew chief right after high school. There after I moved back home to Florida where I currently reside and I am attending college. I will graduate in December of 2007, with my Bachelors. I currently work in a high school where I find myself as a great mentor, role model, and I have great people skills. From my back ground in the military, I have learned true discipline and dedication to what I put my heart into.

I practice 4-6 days a week, including workouts to accomplish my next goals which are my racing goals. I will not stop until I accomplish what I have set out to do. That is to make it as far as I can, not just in local series races, but in national series races as well.

I would be a great promoter for your company because, I attend all the races in my series and also others races in different series. I am an outgoing person and if I believe in a product or company I will advise or promote the company or product to others from my experience.

Riding Goals

In the coming year I will be competing in twelve Florida trail riders harescarble, two GNCC races, Gatorback mini-O's, and six motocross races between the FTR and Florida series races. My goal is to finish top 10 or better in C class in all the races and win the championship in the FTR harescamble series. I want to make a good name for myself and eventually race more national races such as the complete GNCC series.


Competitive Highlights

Last year was my first full racing season with FTR and I finished 36 overall out of 106. I raced a FTR motocross race and finished 4th overall in my class.