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Personal History

When I was four years old I got my first dirt bike. It was an XR 50. After riding it for a few years, I did my first race in 2003 which was a hare scramble and I won! So now I was hooked. The next couple years, I rode a KX 60 and a KX 65. I only did a couple races on them because my dad and I were mainly trail riding and laying out hare scramble courses for our club. In 2008, I raced a KX 85 and got one first place. I didn't race enough that season to be in the points race. This past season, I did all of the races and I was very consistent with many second places. My dad still rides and even races once in a while. We ride together a lot. My sister rides a little bit too but doesn't race.

Riding Goals

My main goal for this coming season (2011) is to win the championship in the B 200 class on my KTM 200 XC in the East Coast Enduro Association. I also plan on doing a few GNCC races and some District 6/PA State races. I will also do well in school.

Competitive Highlights

In 2003, I did my very first race and won it on my XR 50 in the District 6 hare scramble series. I finished out that season and tied for first in points. In 2008, I did about 8 races in the District 6/PA State hare scramble series. I was consistent with top 5 finishes and I had one first place. This past season (2009), I raced my KX 85 in the District 6/PA State hare scramble series and had many second place finishes. Me and two other kids tied for first place in points.