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Personal History

I have been riding dirtbikes for about seven years and I am 14. I have been riding at motocross tracks for about 4 yearsand trail riding the rest, i am just now getting into racing and I like it a lot! My dad has been riding dirt bikes ever since he was little, but he is selling his dirtbike to get a quad. The rest of my family doesn't like it! My first bike was a KTM senior adventure sx50, then a yz 80 and now i am getting a crf150r. I love everything about riding but the cost, most the time it is worth it though.

Riding Goals

Some of my goals for this coming motocross season is to win the 85cc class series at Eddieville motocross park in Goldendale, Washington, atleast get third or higher, be the fastest kid in my class and clear every single jump. But most of all is to make it to the championships. Another goal is to get third or higher in the central point 85cc series this year located in Central Point, Oregon, and win china hat trail ride.

Competitive Highlights


I havent been racing a lot but i have been practicing and training for like 3 years to make sure i am better and faster than everyone in my class. I have only raced once or twice but i loved it and knew right then right there that that is what i wanted to do as my sport so i commited to training and practicing.


P.S.  I will get some pics up this weekend.