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Personal History

Hi! My names obviously Eric. Everything intrigues Me. I was born an Aries. I am the most competitive person I know. Smiling is what I do. I’m diverse; thrive on humor. Treat my body like an amusement park. I'm not that complicated; No Really. My passion is the outdoors, anything motorized, MX, camping, fishing (though I suck at it), hiking, biking, walks/runs, mowing the lawn, bonfires, playing with the little guy, Mallary, pretty much anything and everything, etc.. Dependability is huge. Like to sporadically meet new people. Social butterfly at times. An optimist.

Avid go-getter! I'll probably die trying. Real; straight up and to the point. I'm a thinker and an over-analyzer, I know that. I'm really weird sometimes, but you are too. White is my favorite color. Love Music.. Life is what you make of it! Independent. Refuse to be slowed down, so why try. I love photography. Never forget where you came from. I'm usually over organized. I think little kids are awesome. Coffee...yummm! I like variety. Confident. Love to laugh, smile, and make others do so as well. I'm not jaded. Enjoys a challenge. Spontaneous with friends. I consider myself an expert towards absolutely nothing.. So, that’s pretty much me, myself and... well me.

Riding Goals

I feel like everything is starting to finally come together as a whole.  Sweeping last weekend with 1st in all my classes really gave me the boost in confidence that I needed.  The hard work, focus and flat out wanting to be the fastest in the class is becoming more a reality.  Now moving up to the Honda 450R from the 250R I feel like my overall speed is finally show casing.  The new 450 is such a beast from the 250, and I'm excited to see how next years season plays out.  Currently debating backing up my championship in the intermediate class for 2012, or making the push towards the pro class.  Staying upright, having confidence in my machine, riding smart, will be the key to 2012.  Stay Tuned...

Competitive Highlights

2009 Gold Star Series 250 D Beginner - 3rd Place Overall

2010 14th Annual Fall Series 30C Junior - 2nd Place Overall 

2011 Gold Star Series 30C Junior Champion

2011 Gold Star Series UTH C Junior Champion

2011 Annual Series Points 30C Junior - Champion

2011 Washington State Series UTH B Intermediate Champion

2011 Washington State Series 30B Intermediate - 2nd Place Overall

2011 Annual Series Points 30B Intermediate - 2nd Place Overall

2011 15th Annual Fall Series 30B and UTH A/B - Current Points Leader so far... 

2011 15th Annual Fall Series 30B Champion

2011 15th Annual Fall Series UTH A/B Champion